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How much Farm Truck is worth? Related to AZN? robbers

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Sean “Farmtruck” Whitley is an American street racer and television personality, born in Oklahoma, USA. He is known as one of the main protagonists of the reality series ‘Street Outlaws’.

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early life

There is no information on Shane Whitley’s family. The only information about his early childhood is the location of his home, located in a quiet rural area between the cities of Bethany and Yukon, and near America’s “Mother Road”: the iconic Route 66.

Sean was part of his high school work-study program, which allowed him to save money from an early age. His routine consisted of taking classes until noon and then working from four to six in the afternoon. During that time, he worked as a janitor and foundry assistant.

It is known that Sean’s interest in cars started in his teens, when he learned to drive the 1974 Dodge Dart from his mother: “It was just a good old car that never broke down and it was reliable.” he recalled in an interview with Motorcycle trend“As soon as I got behind the wheel and out of sight of the house, I turned it into a race car, even if it was a slant-six. My mom taught me by grabbing my pant leg and taking my leg off the accelerator because she thought I was going too fast.’

He didn’t stop there, but also took his dad’s pickup for a ride—that event marked his beginnings in auto racing: “I learned to drive a standard three-on-the-boom ’73 Ford pickup.” , which would cause a great burnout in second gear – that’s what happened as soon as I came around the corner. Needless to say, I was excited to get behind the wheel of the truck. That’s how I became a truck driver’.

From then on, Sean began driving around his hometown of Oklahoma, running on roads and streets that were easier to practice on those open, lonely roads. But soon he decided to push his speed limits as far as he could and took Route 66 as his preferred practice area, driving 100 miles per hour the first time.



Sean’s motorsport career began when he bought his first truck – a 1970 Camper Special Ford ¾-ton F-250 – which he bought with the money he had saved from his various jobs in his teens: “It was just an old farm truck. . It was a crappy truck, but it was the world to me. I loved it, and it was all I could afford.”

Despite loving his new car, Sean found that it was impossible to keep the truck on his tight budget as it required many repairs and replacement of parts such as brakes and carburettor replacement.

Unable to afford those repairs, the Camper Special was stationed and idle for a long time and was sold to an acquaintance when Sean found he needed money.

After the unfortunate fate of his first vehicle, Sean bought a variety of cheap used trucks. However, he never kept one because he wasn’t convinced they were worth the road. He finally found his winning car when – thanks to an ad from Auto Trader Magazine – he bought a Farmtruck Chevy Pickup 1970 C10. It turned out to be the fastest truck Sean has ever driven, and he wisely chose this car for his future racing activities.

Because of his preference for this truck, he adopted the name “Farmtruck” as his street pseudonym. In addition, Sean Whitely is an expert on car modifications, although it is not known exactly when and from whom he learned this particular skill.

Meeting with AZN and Racing Team

Sean “Farmtruck” met Jeff Bonnett “AZN” – who drove a Chevy II Nova – during a street race in Oklahoma: “After we had raced, we stopped and started talking about the race. We just started laughing, we both started joking and there was some kind of energy between us. There’s also 20 years between us, but there was just something that we just laughed a lot. And we knew right away that we were going to be best friends.’

Their unexpected affinity developed into a close friendship, which paved their way to become racing partners later in life.

The duo often competes in list races, but their favorite activity is “fish races”, which usually resulted in them earning extra money. Together, “Farmtruck” and “AZN” compete aboard the old Chevy Farmtruck from the 1970s.


Sean “Farmtruck” and his racing partner “AZN” made their TV debut on the Discovery Channel’s series “robbers”, which showcases several of the nation’s fastest street racers from Oklahoma City. These racers compete against each other to reach the iconic The List, risking not only their money but their lives on the road.

Sean joined the show after his truck became famous on the internet. However, Farmtruck was initially surprised when “AZN” informed him of his popularity: “AZN called me one day and said, ‘You are an internet sensation.’ And I thought, ‘What kind of internet sensation is that?’ He said, ‘It’s on the computer. It’s a YouTube thing. Everyone loves the Farmtruck’.

It was then that Discovery’s producer reached out to him and other future fellow cast members to be a part of the show. While he and “AZN” became hugely popular thanks to “Street Outlaws,” they don’t consider themselves famous: “It hasn’t happened yet, we haven’t been recognized yet, but we’re looking forward to the day we get public recognition. ‘

To date, the show has aired a total of 14 seasons.

Private life

Despite its popularity, “Farmtruck” has decided to keep his personal life out of the limelight. Therefore, there is no information about his romantic relationships and possible children.

“Farmtruck” is no stranger to technology, though, and it has a Instagram account in which he shares his adventures in his workshop and on the street.

Related to AZN?

Sean “Farmtruck” Whitely is not related to his racing partner Jeff “AZN” Bonnett. However, they maintain a very strong friendship.

How much Farm Truck is worth?

Sean “Farmtruck” Whitley has an estimated net worth of more than $2 million, a result of his income from street racing and by appearing in Discovery Channel’s “Street Outlaws”.

Physical appearance

Sean Whitley is a man of white ethnicity, whose height and weight are unknown. He usually wears cowboy hats over his gray hair.

Interesting facts

Sean’s date of birth is unknown. However, he has said that he is 20 years older than “AZN”, who was born in 1981.

Sean “Farmtruck” and his partner Jeff “AZN” are very grateful for the opportunity the Discovery Channel gave them: “We’re lucky that the seasons we’ve had in the past have been enjoyed by the viewers. We are never cocky about any season we do. We’re just going to give everything we have and hopefully the fans will like it.”

“Street Outlaws” has a Online Storein which merchandise from the series is for sale.

The road from Oklahoma to Fontana is Sean’s favorite, which he took on the way to Mega Race. At this event, “Farmtruck” and “AZN” competed against Aaron Kaufman, a fellow TV personality: “What made it fun was that AZN and I went together, we built a car, we worked with our friends, we built a 1976 TransAm, and we got to get out there and race it. We had to build a car in three and a half weeks, and we just had a lot of fun.’


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