How old is Luna Blaise? Is she dating boyfriend or girlfriend?

Luna Blaise is an American actress and singer, born on October 1, 2001 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is probably best known for her appearance on the NBC series “Manifest”.

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early life

Luka Blaise Boyd is the daughter of Paul Boyd and Angelyna Martinez. Luna’s name means ‘moon’ in Spanish and was chosen by her mother as a reminder of her Spanish roots. She has an older brother whose name is unknown.

As for her ethnicity, Luna considers herself a mixed race: “My father is from Glasgow, Scotland, and my mother is from San Antonio, Texas, a second-generation Mexican-American. Everything about my life was colorful, musical and rich in culture.’ She said PopSugar.

Luna has great appreciation for her Latino heritage and what it has contributed to her life: “My cultural background has had a profound effect on shaping who I am, especially my Mexican side. My mother has brown skin and she is very proud to be Latina. Everything she does, from the way she dresses to the way she dances, radiates her strong sense of identity.’

Blaise is an experienced dancer who practices Russian dance from an early age. There is no information about her early education, although it is known that she attended a home school program at age 13 which gave her plenty of time to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.


First steps

Because of her parents’ profession – her father is a director and her mother a manager – it’s no wonder Luna Blaise grew up very close to the entertainment industry.

This led her to start modeling at the age of five, appearing in commercials from renowned companies such as KFC, Target and McDonalds.

Her first film appearance was in “Vicious” in 2008, when she was only seven years old. Although she didn’t have a major role in the film, only a cameo, her love of acting led her to continue pursuing more roles, and in 2012, she made her official acting debut in the movie “Memoria” as Nina. The independent film was directed by Vladimir de Fontenay and Nina Ljeti and was based on the ‘Palo Alto’ stories written by James Franco during his teenage years.

As for the experience of appearing in the film at such a young age, 11, Luna shared: Show off it was the role that marked her path as an actress: “It was pretty crazy. I didn’t appreciate it enough at the time because I was so young, but being in a James Franco movie is pretty cool. Film that, me

Luna Blaise

began to understand what acting is: portraying someone else and bringing it to life. When you see the movie, it’s not who I am at all, but that’s what I love about acting.”

TV series debut

Luna Blaise’s first major TV role was playing Nicole’s character in the 2015 series “Fresh Off the Boat”. Despite her young age, Luna thoroughly enjoyed acting in the series such as her character was based on one of her biggest real-life inspirations: ‘My character in ‘Fresh Off The Boat’, that’s what the crew told me, even the writers said it was kind of Jennifer Lopez inspired. So that’s what my character is like. I dress like her on the show. I act like her on the show, like from “Jenny From the Block”. That is a bit of my inspiration and certainly also for music, because it is so incredibly beautiful.’

Luna Blaise won the 2016 Young Artist Awards category for Best Recurring Role for her performances in “Right Off the Boat”.

Also in 2016, Luna appeared as Jacob Sartorius’ love interest in the music video for his song “Sweetheart”.

While this was a good opportunity for her as a model, it also caused a backlash on her social media accounts as fans of the singer made negative comments about her as it was speculated that she was in a relationship with him – wasn’t it!


Luna Blaise debuted as a singer in 2017 with the single “Over You” written by her. Although she didn’t write the lyrics based on personal experiences, she thought it was a song that suited a young love: ‘it’s not just about a boy that you like for two seconds and then you’re over them. The song says, “I’ll never get over you.” So it’s like you’re in love, and you’re just so hopelessly devoted to them, but you know you’re just going to stay friends and that’s totally fine. That’s kind of what it’s all about and just going through your whole “infatuation” phase.”

In addition to Jennifer Lopez, Luna also considers Beyonce, Kehlani, and The Beatles to be her music influences.

As for her musical background, she remembers her interest in it started during her childhood: ‘I come from a very musical family. I didn’t grow up watching TV, instead my family and I listened to music all the time. I remember when I was little, our dining room was turned into a rehearsal room for about five years, complete with drum kit, guitars, amps and microphones. My parents brought music speakers with them on the weekends, when all their musician friends came over to jam.’

Luna released her second single titled “Secrets” in 2018.


Also in 2018, Luna Blaise was cast in her second major role, in the sci-fi series “Manifest”, in which she played the character of Olive Stone, which was very important to her, as it brought her immense fame, and thus more opportunities in the entertainment industry. .

Despite the series’ fictional theme, Luna considers her character in “Manifest” to be “inspirational.” The Knockturnal“What I love about playing Olive is that she’s real. The circumstance she went through is not normal, but she has real feelings and you can see that, and you can see the bond between her and her father and her twin brother. I’m excited that everyone sees that.”

Private life

Is she dating boyfriend or girlfriend?

Luna Blaise has been romantically linked to Jacob Sartorius, but neither has confirmed the rumors and the relationship has remained publicly professional.

Luna Blaise is an ally of the LGBTQ+ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer).

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She also formed an association with GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) during her time in “Fresh off the Boat”: “Having the opportunity to represent a gay teen (on the series) through my character Nicole is so” An important responsibility for the LGBTQ community. I feel so proud and honored that our showrunner Nanatchka Khan, the incredible writers of the show and ABC Network trusted me enough to bring this side of Nicole’s story to life.”

How old is she?

As of October 2020, Luna Blaise will be 19 years old.

Net value

Luna Blaise has an estimated net worth of $500,000 which is the result of her work as an actress and singer.

Physical appearance

Luna Blaise is a young woman with beautiful features. Although her weight is unknown, she is 1.65 m tall and has a remarkably slender build.

Interesting facts

  • Her zodiac sign is Libra.
  • Her mother is of Jewish descent and likes to sing.
  • Her parents are divorced.
  • Although Luna Blaise has an educational background in music, she didn’t start writing songs until she created “Over You” at the age of 15.
  • She attended Harper’s BAZAAR gala in 2019.
  • She appeared in a Dunkin Hines commercial in her youth.

When asked which artists she would like to collaborate with in the future, she replied: “Absolutely Selena Gomez. Love Selena. Maybe for a guy I’d like to work with Shawn Mendes because I think he’s great. Bruno Mars. Oh my god – I love Bruno Mars! He’s just great. He’s just so incredible. His stage presence is incredible. I never met him in person, but I have a feeling he would be a very, very nice guy. The people I’ve mentioned, yes, it probably is.’


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