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How old is QuarterJade? Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Ethnicity

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Who is QuarterJade and what is her ethnicity?

QuarterJade was born in the US on August 25, 1997 – her zodiac sign is Virgo, her ethnicity is half Chinese, half Norwegian and she is an American national. She’s a social media star who is perhaps best known for her eponymous Twitch channel which she uses to live stream while playing video games and chat with her fans.

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Early life and education

Her real name is Jodi, and she was raised as an only child in Houston, Texas by her mother, who works as a cashier in a local supermarket, and her father, who is an insurance agent – ​​her parents worked most of the time while she was growing up, but they still spent some time together picnicking in a local park and dining together at their favorite restaurant.

QuarterJade became interested in playing video games while she was still in elementary school because she preferred to spend time with boys and talk about sports and games, rather than girls who just gossip and do nothing, as QuarterJade puts it. She went to a local high schoolwhere she focused on getting good grades as she wanted to get a medical degree later – QuarterJade was also physically active while playing soccer and tennis.

After her entrance exam in 2015, she enrolled in a university and started studying biology, but after two years she decided to stop and focus on her career on the internet.

Career as a social media star

QuarterJade joined Twitch in October 2017 and has been livestreaming almost every day since. She is currently followed by around 350,000 people and has racked up nearly 7.5 million views from all her live streams combined – there are usually around 1,500 people watching her play, while the highest number of viewers she’s had on a single live stream is 15,863 is.

QuarterJade usually spends five hours a day live streaming – she usually only chats with her fans, or play the 5v5 tactical first-person shooter video game “Valorant”. Some of the other games she enjoys playing are “Among Us”, “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” and “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”. One of QuarterJade’s favorite games is “League of Legends”, but because there is so much competition and so many people playing well, she avoids playing it as she usually just gets annoyed and nervous. She also loves playing “Minecraft”, the new multiplayer game “Fall Guys” and “Apex Legends”.

She is also active on YouTube, having launched her channel on February 15, 2018, and currently has over 150,000 subscribers, while garnering over 12.2 million views of all her videos combined. QuarterJade only uploads the flagged portions of her Twitch live streams, and her most popular video “JOHN MY PARENTS ARE WATCHING! Best of QuarterJade” has been viewed nearly 500,000 times as of March 4, 2020.

QuarterJade is active on Instagram and her account is followed by over 200,000 people, while she has uploaded about 130 photos on it.


She is also active on Twitter and is followed by about 150,000 people, while her TikTok account has nearly 35,000 followers and 100,000 likes of all her videos and photos combined.

love life and boyfriend

QuarterJade is quite secretive when it comes to her love life, but she is known to have been in a relationship with the boy who goes by the name ‘Lannimal’ on Twitch and Twitter – the two dated for about a year before going unknown. reasons broke up.

Today, QuarterJade has a relationship with Masayoshiwho is an American Twitch star of Japanese and Italian descent who mainly livestreams while playing “League of Legends”.

He has amassed over 150,000 followers on Twitch, and he and QuarterJade often collaborate on and appear in each other’s videos.

Neither Masayoshi nor QuarterJade have spoken of other people they may have met before they met – as of October 2020, QuarterJade is in a relationship, is not married and has no children.

Hobbies and other interests

QuarterJade loves to travel and has been to several US states while she prefers to travel abroad and has been to several European and Asian countries.

She works as a part-time model, but considers it her hobby rather than a job. She is a shopaholic as she goes out shopping at least once a week and usually uploads photos of her new outfits to her Instagram account.

As a big Disney fan, she has visited Disneyland in Los Angeles, California.

QuarterJade is very active physically as she has three to four workouts in the gym every week, while she also goes outside for running, cycling and occasional hiking in the mountains.

In her spare time, QuarterJade likes to watch movies with some of her favorite actors and actresses such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Channing Tatum and Natalie Portman, and some of her favorite movies are “Shutter Island”, “Titanic” and “V for Vendetta” .

Age and ability

QuarterJade is 23 years old. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, her height is 1.73 m and she weighs about 61 kg.

As of October 2020, her assets is estimated to be over $1 million.


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