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How should a beginner start with Salesforce Learning?

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Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software that collects and stores customer data to provide a better customer experience and drive more sales for companies across industries. It offers multiple facilities, such as sales, marketing, commerce, etc., on a single platform. As of now, Salesforce is the leading CRM software with an annual revenue of 26.49 million dollars in 2022. 

Because of the trending technology, an increasing number of professionals are needed in this field. According to a report, Salesforce is expected to generate 3.3 million jobs by the end of 2022. But what is driving such high demand for salesforce applications?

How did Salesforce become the preferable CRM software?

The answer to this is straightforward. Salesforce is a highly sophisticated platform in the market today. It has transformed big and small businesses while enhancing employees’ productivity and efficiency. It has the critical ability to scale with distinct differentiating features that fit any company’s needs.

Its unique features are used across industries, including retail, manufacturing, banking, hospitality, etc. There are many use cases where many companies have seen exponential growth in customer acquisition with the help of the salesforce platform. 

Many features and benefits come with a salesforce subscription, and its inbuilt features are suitable for streaming the operation of an organization of any size. The software interface is easy to navigate and integrates with third-party apps much more quickly than traditional CRM applications.

Because of the features and benefits of Salesforce, many companies using it have scaled their business exponentially.

Three certificates that one can do as a beginner are

After learning about the popularity of sales, many of you want to know about Salesforce to get a high-paying job. If you are a fresher, a Salesforce certificate plays the most crucial role in landing a good job. For the beginner level, there are three types of certificate paths:

Salesforce certified Administration

This certificate mainly includes configuration changes and data management. You primarily work on automation, data, and security settings. You are also introduced to the salesforce cloud and service cloud. It is the first choice for professionals who don’t want and want to work as an administrators.

Salesforce-certified App builder

This certificate is related to the administrator role. The security model and tools such as process builder, approval process, workflow, and visual process are given more attention. It is usually a second choice for administrators and developers.

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer – I

This certificate is mainly related to coding. Those who want to work on coding choose this certificate. You require basic salesforce administration knowledge and must work mostly on Apex and visual force and a bit about API integration. 

Apart from this, you can take more than 30 salesforce certifications. Now let’s know the prerequisites one should have to give the salesforce certification examination.

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Prerequisites required for salesforce certification

Coming to the prerequisites, individuals can learn Salesforce from diverse sectors, provided they must be curious to know new things. The administration role does not require technical knowledge so anyone can take it.

Development roles do require some technical knowledge and previous exposure to coding. In that case, knowing java can be an advantage as the coding language in Salesforce, i.e., Apex, is based on it. Also, you need to know MySQL as salesforce queries are using SOQL, which is again based on MySQL. Furthermore, it would help if you also worked on visualforce, which is based on Java and HTML.

Best ways to learn Salesforce

To learn both theoretical and practical aspects of Salesforce, today, in this article, we will provide information about a step-by-step process on how to start with Salesforce as a beginner.

1. Make use of the salesforce trailhead

Start your salesforce learning process with the trailhead. Go through the trail mixes specially curated for admin and developers roles. It has three different methods for selecting a module; you can simply select the individual module you would like to complete, or you can decide on the trail you want to pursue (trails contain multiple modules related to a specific topic) or if you are looking for something more hands-on you can pick a project.

You can implement the theoretical knowledge in the sandbox to get hands-on experience with Salesforce. And there is also a test at the end of every module which you can give to test your practical knowledge about the topic. 

Trailhead is the perfect platform to start learning Salesforce. Go through the trailhead module of the certification of your choice and build a foundation. Trailhead is not only a good choice, it is also one of the best sources to learn each and everything about Salesforce.

2. Choose the salesforce certification

There are various salesforce certification options available as of now. As a beginner, if you choose higher-level certificates, you might not be able to clear the exam, so it is essential to select the certificate wisely. As mentioned above, you can use the application, app builder, or platform developer 1 to start your career in Salesforce.

3. Join the salesforce training program

Salesforce training program is the best way to clear the certification examination if you are a beginner. Do your research and join a reputed salesforce training program. And the good news is that these courses are also available online. Make sure to choose a training program that provides practical knowledge about Salesforce and prepares you for the job roles.

4. Practice, Practice, and more Practice

When preparing for the salesforce certification exam, one of the best things you can do is give as many practice tests as you can. They are an online simulation of the actual exam. Practice test provides feedback that enables you to gauge your progress and accurately determine which areas are challenging.

Training programs will help you with the strategies to help you overcome the challenges, so on the test day, you can quickly solve the problems. Give at least 5-6 practice tests before the exam.

5. Read guides

Books are considered the best way to learn. So it is recommended to learn from the most recommended books to get accurate fundamental knowledge about Salesforce. Some of the most recommended books for salesforce include

  • Salesforce for beginners – Sharif Shaalan
  • Learning salesforce development with Aapex – Paul Battisson
  • Salesforce CRM – The Definitive Admin Handbook – Paul Goodey

6. Get in-depth knowledge through case studies

You can get in-depth knowledge about salesforce fundamentals with the help of real-life examples and what works and what doesn’t in Salesforce. Thus referring to case studies will help you not only help you from an exam point of view but in the future. Also, you can easily do salesforce implementations in your organization with the exposure you have got.

7. Join the trailblazer community

The salesforce trailblazer community will help each other, and you will be guided and inspired by fellow developers. If you have any queries related to any topics, then you can leverage the community for answers and support. On the community page, you can view popular topics and new posts from other trailblazers. 

8. Use social networks

Online networking is essential as you can connect with others in the network. Building networks and staying in touch with them will help not only your support during the examination but even after the examination. Staying connected with your peers can also help you land an excellent job with their references. 

9. Give a certification exam

It is one more step towards starting your career in Salesforce. Once you are clear with the fundamentals and have hands-on experience with Salesforce, the next thing to do is give the exam. Salesforce certification proves your skills and knowledge related to this domain and makes it easy for you to land a good job. Per a report, the salesforce-certified professional can get a salary increase of 25% over a non-certified professional. 

10. Keep expanding your knowledge

If you want in-depth knowledge about every aspect of Salesforce, there is no better option than getting salesforce certification. Why stop at just one certification?

To begin with the salesforce career, you should complete the salesforce administration certificate, as it gives a general overview of Salesforce. After that, you can get in-depth knowledge by providing an advanced Administration course or trying out new certifications such as a developer certificate.

With each certificate, you will earn badges, and clearing the exam will ensure you have thorough knowledge about each topic of Salesforce. So the best way to learn about Salesforce is by investing your time and energy in giving the salesforce certification examination. 

To Sum Up

If you want to start your career in Salesforce, then it is the best thing to do. It provides incredible job opportunities, high salaries, and a work-life balance. Learning Salesforce is relatively easy if you put dedicated efforts towards it. With the help of an online training program and self-study tips, you can jump-start your career at a high pay scale, even if you are a beginner. And YES, IT IS POSSIBLE! So without wasting any time, kick start your Salesforce career NOW!


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