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How Stalin Starved Ukraine

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It was a man-made famine that Russia hides to this day.

In Ukraine it is known as ‘the Holodomor’, which means ‘death by starvation’. It was a campaign many now consider it to be genocideexecuted by a dictator who wanted to keep Ukraine under his control and who would do anything to cover it up for decades.

In the 1930s, Soviet leaders under Joseph Stalin caused a famine that killed millions as they tried to consolidate agricultural power. In Ukraine, they used extra violence as they tried to curtail a nascent Ukrainian national identity. At least 4 million died there. As hunger spread among the inhabitants, Stalin waged a campaign of disinformation to hide the truth from other Soviet citizens and the world. So many Ukrainians died that officials had to send people to resettle the area, causing demographic shifts that continue to this day.

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