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How Sydney is transforming one of the world’s most powerful cities for innovation

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Sydney is rapidly transforming into the world’s innovation engine as the city’s Tech Central becomes home to our thriving technology sector and the place for bold companies to invest.

This Tuesday (June 14), I will be joined by some of the brightest, boldest minds in business at Investment NSW’s 2022 Tech Central Summit to discuss opportunities to be part of Australia’s fastest growing tech ecosystem.

Corporate juggernauts, corporate chambers, consulates, councils and universities will join us as we showcase the opportunities presented to global and local businesses and employees in what is fast becoming the world’s most inclusive and diverse innovation district.

The economy of the future is here in New South Wales and we are sending a signal to the world that we are open to business.

NSW is Australia’s largest state economy and home to the largest technology workforce of 314,000, a workforce that grew by more than 10 percent in 2020 alone.

Sydney is the top-ranked startup ecosystem in the Southern Hemisphere and the ninth most attractive city in the world for digital experts.

We have 2000 active startups in the state, including some of the most successful multinationals in the country.

We have something for everyone and our diversity is one of our strongest selling points as a state. Simply put, NSW is warm and welcoming to all – a home to diversity, with 275 different languages ​​spoken across the state.

It’s safe to say that if you’re a tech company or startup with big ambitions, NSW is the destination to help you drive growth and achieve goals.

Sydney is where ambitious companies go to achieve results, develop careers, create skilled jobs and train our brightest minds – as well as attract top talent from abroad.

The NSW government has worked hard and partnered with industry to strengthen the technology and innovation ecosystem to make our state more attractive to businesses with an eye for the region. Sydney’s Tech Central will be at the heart of this.

Sydney is in 11th placee as a global fintech hub and is ranked with the lowest risk of cybercrime. Australia as a nation has a forecast of $7.6 billion in cybersecurity spending by 2024.

Nearly half of Australia’s cyber workforce (40 percent) is based in NSW, with over 200 cybersecurity companies citing our beautiful and prosperous state.

But we don’t stop there — cybersecurity is at the forefront of the NSW government, which has pledged $240 million to increase the state’s cybersecurity resilience.

Companies considering investing in Sydney can rest assured that NSW is safe.

We are becoming the envy of the world, with Tech Central being Australia’s largest and boldest technology district, where innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs in Sydney – the country’s financial capital – come together to collaborate and develop the innovative solutions and ideas what the world is looking for.

Our beautiful city of Sydney nurtures the unicorns of the future and we as a government support specialized technology focused on areas such as cybersecurity, biosecurity and the future of healthcare.

Be bold, bright and collaborative.

This is how we bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic – by being brave, smart and collaborative.

By supporting our businesses and attracting the best from abroad. By putting ourselves on the map and showing what our great state and cities have to offer for both established companies and ambitious startups and scale-ups. By leading job growth through bold collaboration and investment.

And the work we’ve done is paying off. Sydney is now ranked as one of the world’s top 25 global startup ecosystems, with NSW known worldwide for technical innovations stemming from our ambitious ecosystem developed over the past 25 years.

Our state’s tech ecosystem is a place where world-class universities, ambitious startups, scale-ups, high-tech giants and the community come together to work together to solve problems and spark ideas that change the world.

With the help of Tech Central, Sydney will become a vibrant and explosive force at the heart of our nation as it establishes itself firmly on the global stage.

All these opportunities happen in one of the world’s best places to live, right here in NSW. Our state’s bustling metropolises, breathtaking beaches and expansive landscapes offer something for everyone.

We provide strong security for people and businesses, and our legal, regulatory and political environment makes us a safe and stable place to live and work.

Whether you want to help the latest wave of startups take off or expand your business in the Asia-Pacific, we welcome you and look forward to helping you grow with us.


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