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How TikTok can help you study better

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When you think of study aids, TikTok is probably not what comes to mind. And there’s probably a good reason for that. Scrolling your For You page can be entertaining, but it’s rarely productive.

But a growing group of study influencers may change that. From #booktok, #studytok, and #edutok, there are dozens of accounts that can help with study tips, math lessons, and even college admission advice.

To be clear, it’s still a good idea to limit how much time you spend scrolling. And watching study-themed TikToks is no substitute for… really studying. But videos from academically minded TikTokers can offer advice on learning difficult topics and serve as inspiration for developing new and productive study habits.

What to watch out for (and avoid)

If you’re looking for study aid, use established hashtags like #studytok or #edutok its a great place to start. Many teachers also post on TikTok and you can find subject specific content by adding “tutor” or “help” to the topic, such as #mathtuor, #physicshelp etc.

But, as with everything on TikTok, not all study content is created equal. And for every useful account, there are also those who share useless shortcuts and too good to be true “study hacks.” So avoid accounts that post shady “advice” that is actually cheating, like how to get an AI to solve your math homework or write an essay for you. And be wary of anyone who is more focused on selling products than on useful advice.

Here are a few accounts that really do well in the study space.

Gohar Khan Gohars Guide

Gohar Khan is most famous for his college admission advice, which he shares on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. The 22-year-old recently graduated from MIT, but before that he was too accepted to Yale and Stanford. Now he makes videos advising teens on how to improve their chances at Ivy League and other top schools.

He shares videos with advice on all aspects of college preparation, from help applying for and writing essays to how to choose an important once you get there. Even if an ivy isn’t your ultimate goal, it also posts more general tips that are helpful for students of all levels. In fact, some of its most popular content focuses on how to do homework faster, how to the motivation to study and how to get your . can improve test results.

Kyle Johnson

Book lovers will appreciate it TikToks by Kyle Johnson for his concise yet thoughtful book reviews and reading recommendations, but Johnson, who posts under the panic_kyle account, shares more than just reading lists. He also shares an analysis of literary classics and other popular books often found as assigned reading in English class.

If you’re looking for a shortcut to not reading at all, Johnson’s account won’t help much. He usually only gives a very brief summary of the books he covers. But if you want to think more deeply about literary themes, or find inspiration for an essay, his videos break down complex literary themes in an easily digestible way. He also shares more general advice, such as taking notes while reading fiction or analyzing literature.

Your bummy math teacher

I was terrible at math when I was in school. Like, really, terrible; I had to repeat algebra three different times. To the surprise of absolutely no one, I didn’t score well on the math portion of my SAT…or any other standardized test. And while I don’t know if some TikTok videos at the time would have helped, Your Contents of Bummy Math Tutor makes me think so.

YBMT takes math questions from the SAT and practice tests and explains how to solve them, along with strategies for approaching different types of problems. It’s all pretty simple and yet, as a lifelong hater of math, the content is also far more engaging than any math class I can remember. Luckily for everyone, I haven’t had to do algebra in over ten years. But after watching enough videos from YBMT, I feel like I might be able to solve a few problems that would have completely stunned my teenage self. At least I could have tried a few extra tools.

Study with soybeans

You’ve probably heard of bullet journaling, the note-taking craze that’s part habit tracker, part journal, and part to-do list organizer. While it may seem intimidating to chart your entire life in a bullet journal, the system can be a useful study aid.

Study with soybeans is a bullet journal professional whose content combines journal inspo with study tips, practical advice on how to take better notes. Her videos provide an overview of different styles of note-taking and how to turn your notes into flashcards and other study aids. She also posts more creative content like how to make your own greeting cards and improve your handwriting.

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