How to be a successful tenant?

As a tenant you meet good landlords and bad ones. Regardless of the type of landlord you have, there are some positive steps you can take to ensure you are on good terms with your landlord or manager. In the same context, you will meet reasonable and supportive property managers, such as: Shield Property Managersand some bad ones.

It will be beneficial for you to be a successful tenant by doing the following:

1. Read and understand your lease

This may seem obvious, but few tenants read their lease in full. Don’t think of a lease as a terms box on a website that you just need to tick to agree. The lease has rules that affect your daily life, such as whether you can have a pet, the number of people that can live in the unit, or whether you can have guests. Understand who will replace basic items like air filters, who will shovel snow, or who will mow the lawn. Each person must have clearly defined responsibilities in the rental agreement.

By going through the lease, you can identify potential issues before they arise. A good landlord will address issues you are having trouble with, such as a unique situation such as a friend or relative who often visits. Make sure any oral agreement with the landlord is put in writing and included in the lease. After you sign the lease, ask for a copy and do not violate the lease.

2. Timely rent payment

You make your landlord very happy if you pay your rent on time. Before signing the lease, make sure you can pay the rent all year round. Place the check a few days before the due date to avoid congestion at the bank or postal service. If you’re always late paying your rent, your landlord may report you to credit bureaus, which will hurt your credit score.

Unexpected situations arise and everyone can face financial difficulties from time to time. So if you are late with your rent payment, notify your landlord in good time. If you have been a good tenant, you have established trustworthiness and trustworthiness; your landlord gives you time to pay them.

3. Take good care of the property

Taking care of your rented space ensures better relationships and more flexibility for your landlord. Often, a landlord will agree to property updates and changes requested by tenants if they significantly extend your tenure or improve the property’s value. If your landlord knows that you are taking good care of the property, he will approve your request. You can also make some home improvements that don’t violate the lease. If you treat the property properly, you are guaranteed to get your deposit back when you leave the property.

4. Keep the place clean

Rental properties are valuable investments worth a lot of money; therefore it must be treated properly. Your landlord won’t laugh if he walks into a filthy rental property. You can keep your house clean by following a weekly cleaning schedule and keep your landlord happy.

Schedule an annual thorough spring cleaning to remove clutter and grime that builds up over time. With a clean rental home you gain the trust of your landlord, which gives you extra negotiating power when extending the lease.

5. Be a good neighbor

Be a courteous and respectful tenant and neighbor. Landlords will often mediate in disputes between tenants. Avoid being seen as the one who always causes the disagreements; try to solve the problems without the intervention of the landlord. If you’re having trouble with any of your neighbors, talk to them directly without being passive-aggressive. Your mission should be to create a peaceful environment and not to prove or argue your point.

6. Get renters insurance

Landlords are not responsible for theft or loss of your personal belongings in the rental unit. Protect your belongings by taking out renters insurance that covers you in the event of fire or theft. Renter’s insurance is payable with a requirement of a monthly fee paid to an insurance company.

Last word

Your relationship with your landlord is business oriented. Promote that relationship by respecting your lease and the leased property. In return, respect will be met and the landlord will make every effort to satisfy you and facilitate a smooth renewal of your lease

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