Simple white trainers are a shoe-rack mainstay in any style. They’re attractive, comfortable, and go with almost anything. But, let’s face it, they’re a pain to keep clean, especially when the unpredictable British weather means there’s a good chance they’ll come into touch with mud and other wet splatters.

Trainers are ideal for wearing when we know we’ll be on our feet all day or doing some exercise. Unfortunately, this means they often produce a terrible smell. Fortunately, these techniques will have your trainers looking brand new.

Techniques to Shine Your Trainers

Dry shampoo 

Shoe cleaning service believes dry shampoo absorbs the oils in your hair and is usually scented to make it smell better when used as directed. Spraying it on your sneakers has the same effect. Spray your shoes gently with dry shampoo and let them sit for 24 hours. They will be ready to wear in 24 hours and smell lovely and curiously like your hair.


Once, my shoe cleaning service advised me to boil my tea bags for 2-3 minutes, one for each shoe, before removing them and letting them cool. After the tea bags have cooled, put one in each shoe and leave for an hour. Remove the tea bags from your shoes after an hour and soak up any excess tea. Be careful that the tannin can stain, leaving a brown stain inside your trainer, and at the very least, they will smell great.

Bicarbonate of soda 

The bicarbonate of soda is a thin powder that is highly absorbing, making it great for removing odours. Fill each shoe halfway with baking powder and let it dry for 24 hours. After 24 hours, shake the powder out of your shoes and notice how fresh they smell. To make your baking powder smell even better, add a few drops of essential oil.


The moisture formed by wearing trainers all day is a common source of foul-smelling trainers. This moisture offers the perfect environment for germs to thrive. Scrunch up newspaper, tissue paper, or a paper bag to absorb moisture and insert it into your trainers. Leave it for 24 hours before removing the paper and putting your trainers on. Add a few drops of essential oil to the paper to help eliminate odours.

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol kills bacteria that cause odours, making it ideal for cleaning your sneakers. You may either spray the inside of your trainers with rubbing alcohol or apply the rubbing alcohol to cotton balls/pads and wipe the inside of your trainers with them. 

Rubbing alcohol effectively removes odours, but it can also be used to freshen the outside of your trainers if they can be wiped clean. A two-for-one result. Wondering about shoe cobbler in London? Expert shoe cobbler of Hello Laundry fulfils all the requirements regarding shoe repair.

Washing machine 

It’s best to use the washing machine to give your sneakers a thorough cleaning. Check the care labels on your sneakers before putting them in the washing machine to ensure that they are machine washable. Remove the soles and laces from your trainers before putting them in a pillowcase if they are machine washable. It will protect them from the washing machine’s harsh cycle and soften the noise when they are spun. 

Set your trainers to spin on a gentle cycle on your machine. Take them out and let them air dry once they’ve completed their cycle. Never put your trainers in the dryer since the heat will cause irreversible damage to the material. If you don’t make sure your trainers are dry before wearing them, you can end up with an even worse smell!

Dryer sheets 

Dryer sheets absorb moisture from the air around them. If you don’t have any newspaper on hand, dryer sheets will absorb the moisture in your sneakers. Fill every shoe with a dryer sheet that has been crushed and put into your trainers. When you want to wear your trainers again, pull out the sheet and enjoy the freshness. Dryer sheets can also remove odours from the place where you store your trainers, such as your workout bag. Apply a dryer sheet to the affected area and allow it to dry any moisture.


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