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How to Prevent Osteoporosis? [All You Need to Know]

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If you don’t want to be an old man with weak bones that can break at every step, you have to make a lot of changes in your lifestyle. So you need to know how to prevent osteoporosis. You will feel young even though you are an adult and follow the tips to keep your bones from getting weak.

Imagine if the National Osteoporosis Foundation says that 10.2 million Americans have complete osteoporosis and 43.3 million more have low bone density. Rattandeep Singh, MD, a rheumatologist at Piedmont Hospital, says this disease causes 700,000 vertebral fractures and 300,000 hip fractures in this population each year. When things are like this in the first world, you can only imagine what they are like here in Latin America. And leaves you at risk for fractures, but these things make it clear that older people are more likely to die, and science has shown this.

The sooner you start taking care of yourself, the less likely you are to develop brittle bones.

This disease, characterized by low bone density and structural deterioration of bone tissue, is more common than you might think. Some things you can’t change, like your genes, age, or gender, but there are many more things you can change. So, if you want to build strong bones now that you’re young, strong and full of life, see what the best experts have to say about it. We are sure that you will benefit from starting to follow the tips on how to prevent osteoporosis.

Start consuming products rich in calcium

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body, so it’s important to get the right amount of this nutrient: every adult should get 1000mg of calcium every day, but if you’re over 50 or over 70, you should getting 1200mg. If you don’t get enough calcium, your body starts breaking down bone to get what it needs. This causes you to lose bone mass. What’s there to eat? dairy, sardines, salmon, fortified foods (such as juices, soy milk, tofu, and grains), leafy green vegetables (kale, spinach, and broccoli), and even supplements, if you need them, are all good sources of calcium. Keep in mind that food labels are based on the recommendation of 1,000 mg per day, so if it says “25% calcium,” it means each serving contains 250 mg.

Calcium is useless if there is no vitamin D

This vitamin helps protect your bones, but more importantly, it helps your bones absorb and retain calcium. Your liver and kidneys thrive when you’re out in the sun, but if you don’t get enough sun because you’re indoors a lot, have darker skin, or live in a place with few sunny days, you may want to take a supplement: 600 IU per day if you are 70 or younger and 800 IU if you are 71 or older. Everyone knows about calcium, but if there is no vitamin D, there are no benefits. so you need to learn how to prevent osteoporosis.

Protein isn’t just for muscles

Keep in mind that protein is a structural macronutrient. Just as it builds your muscles, it builds your organs, tissues and bones. Studies have shown that eating more protein makes bones stronger, and the best news is that you can get the 0.8g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day from animal or plant sources.

Do exercises with weight, strength or resistance

Low-impact aerobic exercise, such as dancing, walking, running on a treadmill, or walking, help build and maintain strong bones. Weightlifting exercises, such as those that use machines, weights, or bars, will help you build muscle strength, improve your balance, and make your bones more flexible. This also makes it less likely that you will trip, be injured or break something. To get the benefits, do them for 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week.

Say goodbye to alcohol and cigarettes

You already know that one reason to give up alcohol and cigarettes is that they’re both bad for your bones. More bone loss occurs if you drink more than two alcoholic drinks per day. If you smoke, your risk of bone loss doubles and your risk of fracture is much higher.

Drink less or avoid soft drinks

Researchers have found that colas cause more bone loss than other soft drinks or carbonated drinks. This is because they contain too much phosphorus, which makes it difficult for the body to absorb calcium. There is nothing like drinking natural water or water containing other nutrients. For example, you can drink green tea instead of coffee or soda to get the same effect.

The most terrible of all: moderate your coffee consumption

That’s true, but sad. Caffeinated drinks can make it harder for your body to absorb calcium. So you shouldn’t drink too much of it, even if you love it, yes. Do not drink more than two or three caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, tea with caffeine or soda. So start counting.

There is nothing you can do to prevent the disease if you do not know how to prevent osteoporosis.

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