Thursday, September 28, 2023

Hyper’s 245W charger and battery pack now available to everyone

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After initially being crowdfunded through an Indiegogo campaign, the HyperJuice 245W GaN Desktop Charger charger and 245W USB-C Battery Pack are now generally available for $200 and $250 respectively. this story of AppleInsider it looks like both quietly went on sale last week, but Hyper’s official announcement is somewhat confusingly dated to both August 15 and August 8.

While the main feature is a 245W power output, neither the battery nor the charger are capable of delivering all that power to a single device (there is no support for the USB-C PD 3.1 specification that allows fast charging up to 240W). supports, for example). Instead, the focus is on simultaneously charging multiple power-hungry devices such as laptops.

The battery pack includes an OLED display to show the charge levels.
Image: Hyper

So for the 245W GaN charger, that means you can charge one or two devices with up to 100W each. If you want to charge three devices, the third is limited to 45W. Alternatively, charging four devices means only one can go up to 100W, while the other three are limited to 45W. None of these will quickly charge the power-hungry 16-inch MacBook Pro, but 100W is enough to charge the battery. 14-inch MacBook Pro charges quickly, and the base M2 MacBook Air comes with just a 30W brick in the box.

It’s a similar story with the 245W battery pack. It contains a 100 Wh (27,000 mAh) battery, which is just small enough to fit on an airplane. It also has a small built-in OLED display to keep you informed of the remaining charge levels. The battery pack can distribute that wattage in different ways, depending on what your devices need. See the table below for a complete overview.

An overview of the charging speeds for the 245W battery pack.
Image: Hyper

While the battery pack and charger are more “portable” than “portable,” they’re still a lot more compact than carrying four separate charging bricks, which could make them useful for anyone who has to lug around a lot of energy-hungry accessories on a regular basis. As USB standards evolve to provide more and more power through a universal cable, I suspect rugged chargers and battery packs like these will become much more common.

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