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Imran Khan’s obsession, the bride shouted slogans ‘Imran Tere Jansar Bemesh Bemesh’ during the wedding cafe madrid

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Imran Khan’s obsession, the bride raised slogans ‘Imran Tere Jansar Bemesh Bemesh’ during the wedding

ISLAMABAD (Qudrat daily newspaper) Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan is known worldwide, but he is the first politician to gain huge popularity after being removed from power. Last year, when Imran Khan was relieved of his position as prime minister, people took to the streets. Later, when Imran Khan started holding gatherings, the people also participated in large numbers.
Whenever Imran Khan called for protest, people fully joined. According to PTI leaders, fear of Imran Khan’s popularity is driving PDM parties away from the election. Now Imran Khan is obsessed with marriages. Recently, a video of the bride singing “Imran Tere Jansar Beshmar Beshmar” went viral during the wedding ceremony.
An interesting situation also arises when ‘Mian de slogane’ is said, which is followed by silence. In addition, the guests present at the wedding chant slogans of ‘Who will save Pakistan, Imran Khan, Imran Khan’. Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Musrat Jamshed Cheema shared the video and said that Imran Khan is this nation’s last hope. Only Imran Khan is heard in every house.
He further said that those who dream of minus one, the more you try to minus, the more this nation will multiply.
Earlier, in a survey by an organization called S, the public expressed their opinion of their preferred political leadership, according to which only Imran Khan managed to gain more public support than the total public support of all the PDM leadership. Pakistan’s head Tehreek-e-Insaf received 51 percent of the popular support in the IRIS poll, while Nawaz Sharif received 21 percent and Shahbaz Sharif received only 10 percent of the support.


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