Indian co will face resource and talent challenges towards net-zero targets: report

Companies in India continue to face significant challenges such as the complexities of transformation, talent shortages and limited resources in their journey to net-zero carbon targets, a report said on Monday.

While 24 percent cite the complexity of the transformation required, 25 percent point to the lack of talent with expertise in implementing net-zero initiatives, and 23 percent cite limited resources to support the net-zero initiatives, according to the report. from Forrester Consulting on behalf of: Amazon and nonprofit The Climate Pledge.

More than 2 in 3 (71 percent) companies in India (and 70 percent of companies in the APAC region) view collaboration as critical to clearing these roadblocks and achieving their net-zero carbon targets.

About 63 percent say lack of access to peer networks and cross-sectoral communities is a major challenge that hinders climate collaboration.

“The challenges we face collectively towards carbon neutrality are significant and we cannot do it alone. Through The Climate Pledge, we hope that more organizations in India will come forward and take joint action on projects that drive innovation and technology. drive progress and policy change to solve the challenges of decarbonisation,” said Abhinav SinghDirector, Customer Focus, Supply Chain and Global Specialty FulfillmentAmazon India.

The survey also found that companies in India are most seeking to accelerate collaboration in the areas of renewable energy (52 percent), nature-based solutions (43 percent) and decarbonisation of transport and logistics emissions (41 percent). .

According to the survey, about a third of companies in India said working with ecosystem partners at a strategic level is part of their company’s future approach to environmental sustainability.

In 2019, Amazon and Global optimism co-founder of The Climate Pledge, a commitment to be carbon neutral by 2040 – 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement.

The Pledge has grown to more than 375 signatories committed to reaching net zero by 2040.

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