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iOS 16’s editable iMessages may not work well with older iPhones

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The ability to edit and undo messages was one of the flagship features of iOS 16 announced earlier this month, but the functionality may not work properly if you’re messaging someone who isn’t using the latest version of Apple’s software. The latest iOS developer 16 beta includes a messy solution to be able to receive newly editable iMessages on iPhones without iOS 16, 9to5Mac reports† It can be annoying for anyone in an iMessage group chat using an older iPhone or Android.

Instead of only seeing the edited version of a message, if someone running the second iOS 16 beta tries to edit an iMessage sent to a device with an older version of the software, the latter will receive the edit as a second text, preceded by the words “Edited to. Previous iOS 16 developer betas sent nothing at all when they tried to edit a message sent to a non-iOS 16 device. But the new approach looks quite messy to the recipient, which sees multiple messages. 9to5Mac reports that Apple’s software cannot automatically delete the original message after an edited version is sent.

For most iPhone owners, the problem is unlikely to last long as iOS 16 will be available for devices dating back to the iPhone 8 of 2017, not to mention Apple is releasing new versions of its software very quickly. rolls out. But it can still be annoying for Android users in iMessage group chats, or for anyone still using a pre-2017 iPhone. That said, there may be benefits to being able to view a raw post.

It’s a similar mess to how emoji responses (aka “tapbacks”) were treated in the past when sent between iOS and Android. But a fix for the problem has gradually emerged here, with Google updating its Messages app to properly parse tapbacks sent from iOS, and Apple planning a similar update with iOS 16. I hope there will eventually be a similar fix for editable iMessages .

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