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Is Agoraphobia A Disability?

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Mental conditions are often ignored because they are not visible to others. However, in most cases, mental breakdowns can cause more disabilities than physical disabilities. They may cause you to lose motivation to work.  You may also find it hard to concentrate on anything or make decisions.

Agoraphobia is one of those mental conditions that can cause other disabilities, such as anxiety. If your medical condition is extreme enough to leave you disabled long-term, you may consider applying for agoraphobia disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. 

When you apply for benefits, the Social Security Administration will consider the severity of your disease rather than the diagnosis alone. One way is to visit a website that provides information about benefits and programs available to those with agoraphobia.

What Are The Consequences Of Agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia is the fear of crowds or being around many people. If something nerve-racking happens in a public place, it can trigger your anxiety. You might find it hard to get out of your house. If your disease is triggered at your place of employment, it might impair your ability to go to your office or workstation from that point on. This can disrupt your work routine and lead to job loss.

Anxiety issues can cause panic attacks. Panic attacks can cause a person to physically and mentally become weak. They can manifest themselves in a number of ways, including chest pain, rapid heart rate, lightheadedness, and excessive sweating. Your thoughts can also become unstable from panic attacks. After effects of these episodes can include coldness on the palms of your hands and legs, sweating, and trembling.

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can also stem from agoraphobia. Even when you are not experiencing anxiety or panic attacks, you can suffer from trauma by imagining a situation. Your body may react similarly to when you have a panic attack. Flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, and nightmares can also plague your life.

How to Apply for the Disability Benefits for Agoraphobia?

If you have agoraphobia, you may qualify for disability benefits. The Social Security Administration sets certain criteria an applicant must meet in order to receive benefits. These criteria include:

  • You have to be diagnosed with panic attacks caused by worry about being in public places, or with anxiety disorders related to agoraphobia.
  • You have to be unable to work because of your medical condition. It may sound complicated, but when you are suffering from a physical breakdown due to a mental condition, the effects can prevent you from actively working.
  • Fear of being in certain places or situations triggers your panic attacks, such as public transport, crowded areas, long lines, and even your home. If only one place causes your fear, you likely won’t qualify for disability benefits.

You have to show that you are scared or unable to execute some basic life functions because of your condition. This might include one or more of the following:

  • You cannot manage to regulate your emotions.
  • You have no control over your behavior during panic attacks.
  • Adapting to any change is hard, even in your own home.
  • You have difficulty integrating with people around you.
  • Your concentration breaks while working at your workstation or doing other tasks.
  • You are unable to remember things or find them hard to understand.

Contacting a disability attorney may be the last resort for you if your disability prevents you from working. Filing an application for disability benefits can be difficult, and you want to make sure that all of your ducks are in a row before submitting anything.

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