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Is Amber Heard pregnant? Who is the father of this child?

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Her first child, a girl named Oonagh Paige Heard, was born via a surrogate mother on Apr 8, 2021, according to a statement she made on Twitter and Instagram on Thursday. She is 35 years old.

“I’m thrilled to share this news with you,” Heard said alongside a photo of herself hugging her newborn on her Instagram account. “Four years ago I decided to become a mother. I had a strong desire to do things my way.

When I think about it now, I understand how radical it is for us as women to think about one of the essential elements of our lives in this way. The day will come when it will be considered normal not to require a wedding ring to have a crib.”

Heard went on to say she is still apprehensive about revealing details about her personal life on the show. The actress added that she wants to “maintain the belief that my personal life is nobody’s business.” I must recognize that the nature of my position forces me to assume leadership.

According to reports, the Aquaman actress ended on a high note by announcing her child’s name, which may be a tribute to Heard’s late mother, Paige, who passed away in May 2020. “She’s the beginning of the rest of my life,” she continued.

Heard was married to Johnny Depp from February 2015 to May 2016, but they divorced in May 2016. The two have since separated and engaged in a legal battle in the courts.

Amber Heard has given birth to a little girl. You may think to yourself, “Who cares?” Usually I am not what you describe me. While reproducing strangers generally isn’t something that comes to mind, the actor’s birth announcement caught my eye because she’s part of what appears to be a growing trend of women choosing to be single parents.


Is Amber Heard pregnant?

Amber Heard Baby

Although Amber Heard is her daughter’s only legal parent and planned to become pregnant before meeting Butti, sources say she is dating filmmaker Bianca Butti. Heard is the single legal parent of her child.

“Four years ago I decided I wanted a child,” Heard said in an Instagram post published Thursday. “I wanted to do things my way,” the author says when I think about it.

I understand how profound it is for us as women to think in this way about one of the essential elements of our lives. The day will come when it will be considered normal not to have a wedding ring to have a crib.

Even though it’s a terrible thing to say, Heard is right: A woman who chooses to have a child on her terms rather than wait for the right man to come along and shower her with sperm still deserves attention.

However, this is starting to change. According to statistics, single women have more IVF cycles in the UK and celebrities such as Natalie Imbruglia have contributed to the standardization of the technique.

Of course, fertility treatments are expensive, and not everyone has the financial means to start a family on their own. I certainly don’t want to think that having a child on your “own terms” is inherently a radical feminist act of defiance.

Paying for surrogacy, for example, which is becoming increasingly popular among celebrities, can present challenging ethical issues to tackle. Nevertheless, like Heard, I hope that society progresses to the day when “wanting no ring to have a crib” is seen as common.

However, I would like us to reach a point where women are not expected to want to get married and have children in the first place. Wouldn’t that be revolutionary?

Amber Heard has been in a relationship with cameraman Bianca Butti since January 2020 and the couple have two children. According to a source who spoke to Page Six, the actress only wanted to have a child before meeting her boyfriend, and she is Oonagh’s only legal mother.

One of the actress’s friends claims that the actress is “more than in love” with her daughter, saying, “Oonagh is beautiful and Amber is totally in love.” She always wanted to be a mother, and now she enlists the help of her daughter to fulfill her dream.

“She will be eternally grateful to the kind woman who played an important role in bringing Oonagh into her life.” It was also said that “the most important thing for Amber is that she is candid about Oonagh’s birth.”

Amber should encourage women who feel they cannot talk openly about their fertility and are afraid and humiliated; she wants them to know that there are many options for having children regardless of their fertility issues.

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