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Is Chrishell and Jason’s relationship selling Sunset?

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  • Selling Sunset actor Chrishell Stause, 40, and her employer and co-star, Jason Oppenheim, 44, officially divorced in late 2021.
  • The duo went official on Instagram last summer, but the romance ended just five months later when production for Selling Sunset season 5 ended.
  • The pair couldn’t agree on one critical (and important) topic.

Fans of Netflix’s Selling Sunset were shocked. Last year, word came that Selling Sunset actress Chrishell Stause was dating her employer, Jason Oppenheim, the other half of the dynamic Oppenheim Group combo. Everyone could see how well the two got along, but no one suspected they were that close.

The romance was short-lived, despite all the hype. They broke up amicably over an issue they couldn’t change their answer to, Chrishell has stated. Season five of Selling Sunset will be released Friday and viewers can learn more about Chrishell and Jason’s romance in the new season.

Chrishell Stause relationship
Chrishell Stause relationship

In late July, the couple decided to make their romance public by uploading some adorable photos on Instagram. Fans who watched the fourth season were curious as to why the couple’s brief relationship wasn’t in it. Chrishell decided to keep their relationship a secret until they “understood exactly what it was”,

However, much has changed since then. When it comes to Jason and Chrishell’s love life, here’s everything you need to know.

Who is Chrishell dating now?

Chrishell Stause relationship
Chrishell Stause relationship

Chrishell is now unmarried and happy with her situation. The couple announced their separation on Instagram and posted their message.

The level of respect and affection Chrishell has for Jason isn’t going to change in the future, even if their views on family don’t match. Because we only get one chance in this life, she continued, “even if my immediate impulse was to keep quiet about a private problem,” she said.
Her last words of gratitude to Jason were, “And thank you, Jason, for the most beautiful relationship and for being honest with me even when it hurts.”

In his own words, Jason stated in his blog post, “Even though Chrishell and I are apart, we are still inseparable and will always be there for each other. Having her as a friend was the most incredible experience; it brought me nothing but joy and fulfillment.”

He wrote that they “have the utmost respect for each other, despite our differing views on how to start a family.” “Chrishell is an incredible person, and having her in my life is one of the most beautiful things that ever happened to me.”

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Will their romance be part of Season 5 of Selling Sunset?

Chrishell Stause relationship
Chrishell Stause relationship

There is a lot to be said about starting a relationship similar to how a typical relationship develops. When Chrishell and Jason first started dating, they were pretty strict about keeping their relationship a secret. According to Jason, “I believe when… [a relationship is] audience, it adds extra demands, exposure and opinion. “And that’s just two individuals,” he continues.

Chrishell then decided to act alone. “It looked like we were ready to be overwhelmed by paparazzi images,” she told Cosmopolitan UK. It was essential for me to hold my friend’s hand while eating, but I didn’t want others to think it was a mistake or that they had ‘caught’ us doing something.

According to Page Six, which sells Sunset season, five is expected to feature the couple’s brief fling. A recent Instagram photo of Chrishell indicates that production on the program was halted in December.

Why did they break up?

Chrishell Stause relationship
Chrishell Stause relationship

Because Chrishell and Jason couldn’t agree on how to build a family, they broke up. (Chrishell wants kids; Jason doesn’t.)

During the interview, she commented, “I know Jason is extremely proud of me, and we love each other so much.” “You’re not going to solve this problem by talking about it. In short, “It just is what it is.” “I believe we entered and exited it with such respect and love for each other,” Chrishell said of their relationship, even though she is “very proud” of it.

Whoever she ends up with, Chrishell says she wants a family. Ideally, she would like to find a partner, but if not, she is confident that she can manage things on her own.

According to a source who spoke to ET, the breakup was “far too late”.

The informant added that “Chrishell wants to have babies much sooner than Jason,” and he was right. “She wants to start a family, and Jason isn’t thinking about that right now,” Jason says.

“Chrishell felt like she needed to get serious with herself and hurt her own heart by ending her relationship with Jason because having children is a primary goal for her,” they said. As far as she’s concerned, she doesn’t want to be on Jason’s schedule.”

What is Chrishell’s current state of mind after their split?

It has been reported that Chrishell is still sad about the split despite her outwardly optimistic.

The insider added that the past few years have been particularly difficult for [the woman] because she feels that life has knocked her down repeatedly. This has led her to believe that life has not always been fair because she wants to get married and start a family. There is a steady stream of bliss, followed by a curveball and more fun.

A few days after announcing their breakup, Chrishell took to Instagram to poke fun at Jason.

She posted a photo of herself in a leopard print bikini, standing under an outdoor shower with, “Well, these eggs aren’t going to fertilize themselves.” They may not… From now on, we will have to wait until 2022.”


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