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Is Leslie Jones gay? Learn about SNL Comedian’s sexuality and personal life!

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If you’re into comedy, you’ve probably heard the name Leslie Jones. She is one of the most popular comedians in the US of the current generation. However, despite so much fame and recognition, Leslie Jones is very secretive about her personal life, and many people are curious if Leslie Jones is gay? Let’s discuss whether this is really the case!

Is Leslie Jones gay?

Contrary to her humor, Leslie Jones’s sexuality has been questioned several times, with several people appearing to think the comedian is actually gay. One of the reasons people have this doubt is Leslie Jones’ very close relationship with fellow SNL comedian Kate McKinnon, the first openly gay member of SNL. Many people have gone so far as to claim that the two ladies are actually much more than friends, and there is a romantic angle.

After several years of rumors, Leslie finally answered the question about sexuality during a conversation with talk show host Conan. Leslie denied the claims that she was a lesbian. She stated: ‘If I was gay I would be crushing. I would have so many wives. She also added: ‘I would be a pimp, I’m not going to lie. If I was gay I would be the worst lesbian ever.”

Meanwhile, talking about his dating life, Leslie said: “It’s a secret so I don’t want anyone to bother him, you know what I mean? I don’t want to sit on television and say, ‘Oh, the type of guy I’m looking for.’ And I’ll talk to him and he’ll say, ‘Yeah, I heard you were looking for this type of guy.’ Don’t get me in trouble!” It appears from her comments that she has or saw a man; so we can assume that Leslie Jones is most likely not gay.


Leslie Jones’ music career began with her comedic performance at her college in the year 1987. Her performance came in a college competition titled “Funniest Person on Campus” in which she entered. After gaining appreciation for her comedic talents, Leslie moved to the city of Los Angeles. After coming to LA, Jones began performing in multiple clubs. While working at the club, Mother Love and Dave encouraged Chappelle Jones to move to New York to pursue her career in comedy.

Leslie Jones

Jones appeared on BET’s ComicView before returning to Los Angeles. Leslie previously performed at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood. Many people were surprised when Jones was cast on Saturday Night Live in December 2013. Her criticism of Kenan Thompson, one of the show’s contestants, did not go unnoticed. Sasheer Zometa was cast as a player in the casting call, and she and Lakendra Tookes were cast as writers. On May 3, 2014, Andrew Garfield presented an edition of Weekend Update in which Jones appeared. She also became the priority of African Americans on Saturday Night Live.

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