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Is the third movie coming? Are there opportunities? Discover it here

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Jason Statham is one of those Hollywood icons who has appeared in several action movies. But The Mechanic franchise is one of his most popular movie series. Both the first two films were commercial hits and provided viewers with high-intensity action sequences. That’s why many fans have been waiting for The Mechanic 3 since then. But will it ever happen? Let’s find out-

The Mechanic investigates Arthur Bishop, a mob hit man who is relentlessly effective with weapons and explosives. However, its selling point is its ability to kill difficult targets while making it look like an accident. Arthur Bishop is a rightly paranoid man who is always cheating or being cheated on. The film is a gripping action thriller that keeps us on the edge of our seats the whole time.

The mechanic 3

Arthur finds love in the sequel, Mechanic: Resurrection, in the form of Jessica Alba’s angelic childcare worker. As you might expect, the bad guys kidnap her to force Bishop to work for them, and things aren’t going well for them.

Will there be The Mechanic 3?

The first two films in The Mechanic franchise were released on January 28, 2011 and August 26, 2016 respectively. Meanwhile, as far as the word goes for The Mechanic 3, there has been no announcement or confirmation from the studio or the producers of the films. The second movie came out about five years after the first movie.

The mechanic 3

However, it has been almost seven years and there have been no updates on The Mechanic 3 whatsoever. In addition, we should also not forget that actor Jason Statham is committed to other projects. So even if The Mechanic 3 is green-lit (which we don’t see happening anytime soon), fans shouldn’t expect it to be released before 2023.

What could The Mechanic 3 be about?

We know that the second movie, titled Mechanic Ressurection, picked up on the story after the events of the first movie. So if The Mechanic 3 is ever made, we expect the same from the movie. At the end of the second film, Arthur finally managed to grab the “ghost” and get his life back on track. And once more he had to convince the world that he was dead.

Mechanic 3

Meanwhile, in ‘The Mechanic’ 3, Arthur may have to return to his old habits because of his past enemies. For the job that Arthur is in, it is quite common for people to have several dangerous enemies and they are always waiting for their chance. However, there is also a chance that the third film will delve into Arthur’s past life. Maybe we’ll find out how Arthur got so good at his job. And where did he receive his training and learned to master all kinds of weapons out there.

On the other side, there’s the gunman standing by Arthur’s door, and the hit man helps him. Despite the two apparently getting along well, we can rule out the possibility that he aligns with Arthur’s enemy in The Mechanic 3. There are several threads in Arthur’s life that can continue into the third film’s storyline, like most of his life is a mystery.

Cast Details!

Jason Statham leads the cast of the Mechanic franchise as Arthur Bishop. The first film also stars Ben Foster as Steve McKenna, Tony Goldwyn as Dean Sanderson and Donald Sutherland as Harry McKenna. Then there’s Jeff Chase as Burke, John McConnell who plays Andrew Vaughn, Mini Andén as Sarah and Stuart Greer as Ralph. Meanwhile, the film also features Christa Campbell as Kelly and Lance E. Nichols as Henry, among others.

Mechanic 3

In the second film, Jessica Alba appears as Gina Thornton. Tommy Lee Jones plays Max Adams and Michelle Yeoh plays Mei. The film also casts Sam Hazeldine as Riah Crain. John Cenatiempo as Jeremy Cocs and Toby Eddington as Adrian Cook, with a few others. There are no cast updates for The Mechanic 3, but we can bet that Jason Statham will return in the lead role when there’s a third film. Also, there may be some old faces along with a few new additions to the cast.

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