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Is there a season 4 for Welcome to Plathville?

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When TLC’s Counting On was officially cancelled, Welcome to Plathville stepped in to fill the Duggar-sized void in viewers’ hearts. It’s almost impossible to conceive about not being able to witness the Plath children grow up and defy their parents’ stringent laws. Will there be a fourth season of Welcome to Plathville?

The first three seasons are a blur of the older Plath children trying to find their way outside of the family home. Ethan Plath is introduced to a world of candy, alcoholic beverages, and “worldly” television shows. Moriah Plath strikes out on her own and, for the first time, embarks into a love relationship. Micah Plath, meanwhile, is pursuing a modelling career. It’s not yet time to say goodbye to them.

Is there going to be a fourth season of ‘Welcome to Plathville’?

TLC has yet to announce an official renewal date for Welcome to Plathville. The good news is that the network has not revealed any plans to cancel the show. TLC isn’t usually open about season renewals before season finales, so fans shouldn’t be concerned.

And now, with all of the tension between Ethan, his wife Olivia Plath, and his parents, it would be the worst time to cancel the show. Olivia and Ethan spend Season 3 planning to leave Cairo, Georgia, where Ethan’s parents, Kim and Barry Plath, live. The plan is to create a physical separation between them so that Ethan and Olivia may work on their own relationship. We’ll have to wait at least another season to discover what happens next.

When will the fourth season of ‘Welcome to Plathville’ premiere?

If a fourth season of Welcome to Plathville is made, it could premiere on TLC in August 2022. The first two seasons will debut in November 2019 and November 2020, respectively. Then, in August 2021, Season 3 gave viewers a curveball and premiered. If Season 4 is released a year after Season 3, then August 2022 makes logical.


Season 4 would, of course, be available instantly if Welcome to Plathville supporters had their way. However, due to COVID-19 recording standards and the constraints of actually filming and editing episodes, they may have to wait a little longer.

But if we have to wait a little longer to see where Ethan and Olivia stand, as well as how Ethan’s relationship with his family improves or deteriorates, it will be completely worth it.

Season 4 could delve deeper into Lydia Plath’s life.

The majority of fans are eager to find out what happens to Ethan and Olivia on Welcome to Plathville. Their marriage is in trouble, and Kim and Barry don’t make matters any easier. Lydia Plath, Ethan’s younger sister, steals some of the show in Season 3 as she seeks to connect with a boy she has a crush on.

If there is a Season 4, Lydia’s plot may take a more prominent role. Lydia, unlike several of her elder siblings, is not eager to leave home and her parents’ regulations. She does, however, express some scepticism about their ideas and appears to wish to experience life as a young adult. Season 4 could be her breakout season.

TLC airs Welcome to Plathville on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST.

”Welcome to Plathville” Summary

The Plath family’s nine flaxen-haired children have never had a soda, don’t know who Spiderman or Tom Brady is, and have never seen television while living remotely in rural Georgia with their “follow their own rules” parents Kim and Barry Plath.

 “Welcome to Plathville.” A Quick Overview

Welcome to Plathville is a TLC reality show that premiered on November 5, 2019.

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