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It was a mistake to ask for the money back; Brutal Murder of a Motorist in Silicon City cafe madrid

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It was a mistake to ask for the money back; Brutal murder of a motorist in Silicon City

Bengaluru: He was a racing driver by profession and used to make small finances in the desire to earn money even in a difficult life. But that’s the curse of his life. He went to the middle of the road because he asked for the money back. The murdered car driver has been identified as Shekhar. Shekhar, a resident of Ramagopala Nagar, Banasavadi, was a car driver by profession and recently paid some money. But last night he was killed near his house at 12:30 midnight when he came from a party with his friends.

The driver was on his way home after the party

Shekhar, who had gone to Halasuri on the evening of February 7, had a party with his friends. It was then that he called Manoj and asked for money. After the party, when he was going home on a Pulsar bicycle, two people who came after Shekhar on a bicycle intercepted him and stabbed him with a knife. The locals said that Andru, who did not come to help, had drowned after about an hour of guarding and guarding.

An accidental photo

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Murder is suspected for demanding the money back

The police’s preliminary investigation showed that he had started financing with the money his father had given him and the money he had earned driving a car. Shekhar, who used to only give money to the believers, seems to have given 50,000 to Manoj, who was introduced to him through his friend. It is said that Manoj did not return the money despite asking for it many times.

On the same issue, while drinking with friends, he called me and started a fight. It has reached the stage of hand-to-hand and word of mouth in a drunken state. After that, the police suspected that he followed and killed him out of anger.

A person fell into a pool of blood and died.

Eastern Division DCP Bhima Shankar Guled inquired about this and said that a call came into the control room around 12:30 pm that a person was lying in a pool of blood. Hoysala staff immediately took him to the hospital. But he died on the way.

The deceased person has been identified as Shekhar. The house is a hundred meters from the murder scene. When he got on a Pulsar bike, he got on a bike and blocked it. Later they attacked him with a knife and escaped. Shekhar also tried to escape. But they escaped by killing and wandering. Apparently, the act is known to have been committed by two people. He said the investigation by the Banaswadi police continues.

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Banaswadi police, which has registered a murder case, set a trap for the suspect. Shekhar, who made a living driving a car, fell in love with money and got into the financial sector, which made him a street kid.


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