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Jack Dorsey Says He’ll Never Be Twitter CEO Again

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Jack Dorsey is trying to quell rumors that he will be reinstated as CEO of Twitter once Elon Musk takes charge. On Wednesday, he tweeted “no, I will never be CEO again” in response to someone who predicted he would return to lead the company he co-founded, before continue saying that he doesn’t want the part.

In one more commentDorsey says that “ultimately no one” should be Twitter’s CEO, perhaps referring to Bluesky, a project aimed at turning Twitter into a decentralized protocol rather than a traditional social network.

Dorsey has a contentious history with the lead role at Twitter. The board of the company fired him from his role as CEO in 2008, just two years after he helped start the company (although he remained on the board). He returned to the position of chief executive in 2015 after Twitter had two other CEOs, but in 2020 a group of investors on Twitter’s board began to replace him. They cited his divided attention and lack of innovation, but Dorsey managed to keep his job. But in November 2021 he resigned for unclear reasons.

After Dorsey’s departure, Parag Agrawal took over as CEO of Twitter. At the moment, however, it looks like he won’t be around for long. Elon Musk plans to buy the company and take it private (a story that started with him just looking for a board member and then pulled out of the deal), and is rumored to serve as temporary CEO if the deal actually closes. But Musk is a busy person — he has to run SpaceX and Tesla, so it seems likely he’ll want to find someone else to take over.

It made sense that people thought Jack could be Elon’s choice. Dorsey has been recently to talk some to beat on Twitter as regards Twitter, making it seem like he’s not really happy with the direction the company is heading (although he’s laced with enough positive tweets to keep us guessing). He also seems to agree with Musk on at least a few points about the future of Twitter.

Unfortunately, it sounds like Jack is done being CEO, say that “It’s time to roll the dice again.”

Oh, and if you were wondering “wait, isn’t he still CEO of Square? I mean Blok?” The answer is… quite.Last month Block announced that Dorsey’s new title at the company would be “Block Head.” According to a document sent to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, he has requested the title change. that people thought he would be the perfect person to run “technoking” Elon Musk’s Twitter.

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