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Jacquelyn Newell

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Jacquelyn Newell is the head of Ambrosia Home, a Las Vegas and California-based designer and custom furniture company. She is better known as the daughter of Debra Newellthe woman to whom the infamous deceased con man, John Meehan of the Dirty John was married. John was notorious as a con man who seduced, swindled and abused many middle-aged single women, including Jacquelyn’s mother, Debra.

The Newell family’s ordeal that ended with John losing his life while trying to kidnap Debra’s youngest daughter, Terra, would receive several media stories, screen adaptations, and others. Speaking of which, the true crime story also spawned a popular podcast series as well as a Netflix miniseries entitled Dirty John.

After John and the Newell family story have since received national attention. Of the many people involved in the case, according to the media, Jacquelyn was the most outspoken in her family about her hatred for her mother’s late ex-husband. However, Jacquelyn has remained most private since the Newell family became a national storyline. Learn about her in detail; how is she in her real life, why she chooses to be secretive, her personal life and more.

Jacquelyn Newell is an OC native; Her parents divorced when she was young

Jacquelyn and her siblings grew up in Orange County, California. As a child, her mother Debra worked as an interior decorator, while her father worked in construction. Her father is now in his 70s.

From right, Terra Newell, her mother, Debra, and her older sister, Jacquelyn. Facebook

Jacquelyn’s mother and father divorced in the late 1990s, after which she and her siblings would have grown up under the supervision of many nannies because their parents were often busy.

The AAC resident and her siblings all grew up Christian, because their parents never missed Sunday church. According to relatives, Jacquelyn has always been assertive since she was young.

Her siblings

Newell is one of four daughters between Debra and her ex-husband. Her sisters are Terra, Kimand Nicole, the oldest. According to reports, Kim and Nicole are her half sisters.

Jacquelyn Newell siblings parents
Businesswoman, Jacquelyn Newell on the far right, with her mother and siblings.

Apparently Jacquelyn also has a half brother. Though she has yet to specify her birth details, it has been reported that Jacquelyn was around 24 when John Meehan came into her family’s life in 2014. She is now believed to be in her early 30s.

Jacquelyn Newell now runs her mother’s business

The Californian, Jacquelyn is now the head of Ambrosia Interior Design a business that her mother started.

In fact, during an interview with Forbes, Debra said she could come to LA as soon as she felt her daughter, Jacquelyn, could take her business to Irvine, California. In the past she also worked in sales for a plastic surgeon.

The real story of how John Meehan became Newell’s relative

Jacquelyn’s mother, Debra, met John through a dating site in 2014. They married shortly after. Debra’s entire family was skeptical of John from the start, including Jacquelyn and her sister Terra.

Right after he became part of the family, John caused a lot of conflict between the Newell family.

Debra Newell husband John Meehan
Jacquelyn’s mother, Debra with her ex-husband and the late con man John.

His chapter in the Newell family created great tension between some members and at times they feared for their lives. However, they eventually found out that John was a scammer.

After that, Debra and Meehan would split up. After that, John becomes a stalker and even threatens Jacquelyn’s relatives. He eventually tried to kidnap Debra’s youngest daughter, Terra.

Jacquelyn Newell hired a private detective against John

It was apparently also Jacquelyn, who after being wary of her stepfather, John decided to… hire a private detective to learn more about him. She also bought a magnetic tracker and placed it on her mother’s Tesla to trace John’s whereabouts.

As he followed his moves, the relatively lesser-known Newell member also learned how her then-stepfather often took strange routes. She also wondered why John’s fingernails were so dirty.

As such, Jacquelyn, who worked around doctors during her time as a saleswoman, knew how clean their hands were. Debra’s second daughter, Jacquelyn, had doubts about her mother’s then-new beauty, John, from their first meeting. She had wanted her mother to leave John from the start.

Jacquelyn became wary of John after she started receiving suspicious messages from her mother’s phone that were clearly not from her mother. She was also said to hear her mother, Debra, complaining that her money went missing from her wallet without her knowledge.

After the detective completed his search, Jacquelyn and her family, including Debra, knew that John had gone to jail multiple times in the past and received restraining orders from several women, in addition to being a heavy drug user.

Jacquelyn’s ex-stepfather was a cunning manipulator, a compulsive liar and an expert con man. He had also defrauded several vulnerable women.

Jacquelyn Sister killed John Meehan; What is she doing now?

John’s chapter in Jacquelyn’s family was to end on August 20, 2016. However, the conclusion would not come amicably.

It would be Jacquelyn’s younger sister, Terra, who put an end to his ability by killing him in self-defense after he tried to kidnap her. On the day of August 20, Jacquelyn’s sister, Terra, had just reached her apartment in New Port Beach, California. She got out of her car and had just opened her door to walk her dog when John grabbed her from behind out of nowhere.

Life coach Terra in hospital after being stabbed in the arm by John Meehan.
Jacquelyn’s sister, Terra in hospital after going through John’s assault incident on August 20, 2016.

He briefly tried to stack Debra’s youngest daughter in his car while pointing a knife at Terra. At one point, Meehan even stabbed Terra’s right arm, but the knife eventually fell to the ground.

Then Terra got her hand on the weapon and finally she stabbed John. When she started impaling Meehan, she didn’t stop until 13 with the last sting in John’s eye. Meehan would die four days later.

After the knife fight with her former stepfather, Terra developed PTSD and struggled for a while to overcome her psychological problems. While Jacquelyn’s younger sister says she still struggles with her past trauma, she has now become a life coach and an influencer.

Terra helps people deal with their own traumas and is also a blogger, podcast runner and also something of a social media star.

Jacquelyn has another name, Veronica Newell in the serialized version of her story

After the whole John debacle, LA Times insiders created a podcast to tell what had happened. In the Netflix hit adaptation of Jacquelyn’s family and their struggle with the late businesswoman John, Jacquelyn is played by the Ted Lasso actress, Juno Temple.

English actress Juno Temple from the movie, Killer Joe as Veronica Newell or Jacquelyn Newell in the Netflix true crime drama Dirty John.
The Ted Lasso actress Juno Temple as Jacquelyn Newell in the Dirty Crime series.

Although in the show, the writer changed Jacquelyn’s name to Veronica Newell on the protagonist’s saying of himself.

After revealing the news that her family’s story was going to be an entertainment project, Jacquelyn asked the producers not to use her real name. Apparently Jacquelyn’s name is the only thing that changed the series when it comes to the characters.

Jacquelyn Newell is private by choice; Even her pictures are hard to find

Although Debra and her daughter Terra are often busy with the press tours, book deals and other matters, Jacquelyn seems to have withdrawn from the spotlight.

Even according to Dirty John showrunner, Alexandra Cunningham, Jacquelyn was hesitant to be in the story adaptation. The secrecy is so bad that she didn’t even allow her name on the series, Dirty John.

Temple, who played Jacquelyn in the series, also advocated for the now 32-year-old’s decision to remain private. Even the LA Times failed to bring out the image of Jacquelyn.

Debra’s daughter also preferred to stay locked up in the documentary, Dirty John: The Dirty Truth. However, Jacquelyn was quite involved with the interviews and giving answers to the reporters during the original LA Times podcast about John’s terror in her family.

She’s not on social media either

Unlike her sister, Terra, Jacquelyn has no social media presence, or so it seems to outsiders. Furthermore, even her family members have not shared so many photos of her on their respective social networks be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Jacquelyn Newell Other Facts

  • Jacquelyn is also reportedly a fan of Channel bags. She even sold one of hers before hiring a private detective against John.
  • People close to her have often described Jacquelyn as sassy, ​​no bullshit, and a woman who loves designer bags.

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