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Jae-Young and Sang-woo become friends after the bar encounter!

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It seems that Sang-woo and Jae-Young are finally getting along after meeting the drunk professor in Semantic Error Ep 5. Jae might even befriend Sang as the two could work on Sang’s project together. In addition, Sang-woo would grow closer to Ji-Hye in the upcoming episode. So keep reading ahead to find out more about the fifth installment.

Semantic Error Ep 5 Preview: What Will Happen?

After Sang-woo’s meeting with the drunken mentor at the bar, he and Jae-Young might eventually become friends in Semantic Error Ep 5. Sang might even admit Jae-Young to his project. In addition, Ji-Hye will get closer to Sang-woo as their little encounters and chats continue. Meanwhile, Yu-Na’s advice has made Jae-Young think about things before actually doing them. So, viewers can expect Yu-Na to make more sense in Jae.

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A short summary

The previous episode started with Sang-woo on his way to college. He reached at 6:30 in the morning to get his favorite window seat in the classroom. Jae Young entered as the class began to fill in and sat down next to Sang-woo. However, Sang-woo already knew it would happen and he came prepared. He placed a partition between them and went back to focusing in the classroom. But Jae-young kept distracting him and kept messing with Sang-woo. During lunch, Sang-woo was frustrated when he decided to sit at a table full of strangers instead of eating alone. Jae-Young was amazed at the extent to which Sang-woo was willing to go to avoid him.

Elsewhere, in Semantic Error Ep 4, Jae-Young claimed Sang-woo’s project as his own. Sang-woo noticed and continued to work as Ji-Hye. She told Sand-woo that they would see each other very often from now on. However, he had no idea what Ji-Hye was talking about. In addition, Jae-Young sat with Yu-Na and told how Sang-woo changed his strict schedule to avoid him.

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Yu-Na became annoyed and asked Jae-Young what he was trying to achieve. She advised Jae-Young to think about it and understand. Jae-Young was walking across campus, thinking when he saw Sang-woo sitting with Ji-Hye. She asked Sang-woo if she could call him by his nickname Sangchoo. Sang-woo agreed to her request while Jae witnessed it all.

Furthermore, Sang-woo finally decided to stand up to Jae-Young. He told Jae that the project meant a lot to him and asked him not to mess with his project. Jae and his friends were at the bar when they noticed the cammermentor come in with Sang-woo and others. Sang-woo tried to escape, but the mentor was drunk. And he didn’t let Sang-woo go. Jae-Young intervened and pushed the mentor away. He ran off with Sang-woo. Finally, Sang-woo invited Jae to his house for a while in Semantic Error Ep 5.

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Semantic Error Ep 5: Broadcast Date

The Korean streaming app Watcha will release Semantic Error Ep 5 on March 2, 2022. The streaming service will drop two new episodes weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 5:00 PM KST.

Where can you watch the latest episode worldwide?

Viewers around the world can stream the latest episode on Rakuten Viki. In addition, each episode of the K-drama has an average running time of 23 minutes. So don’t miss the fifth episode and keep coming back for more exciting episode previews, only on


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