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Jake Gyllenhaal is ASHAMED of how Taylor Swift portrayed their Break Up

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Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhal both were in a relationship in the fall of 2010 and dated for 3 months together and their Jake Gyllenhal broke with Taylor Swift after thinking that she is too young for him Jake was 29 and Taylor Swift was 20. After two years, Taylor Swift released the album Called Red which featured five songs and fans believe that those persons were about Jake Gyllenhal. To Taylor Swift never points out that anything but how fans believe that the songs were about Jake Gyllenhal.

However, it is just 2021 and Taylor Swift just dropped an album which is a remake of the version of her album Red. The album has the 10 minutes song that was changed, and apparently, this song is also dedicated to Jake Dial because fans believe there are lots of things that match their relationship or when they were in a relationship.

The song is about the relationship between Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal who is currently dating a 25-year-old model. She is saying that there is currently dating people who are younger than him and they have a huge age difference. While Taylor Swift fans were quick enough to realise what the song is about and who is it about, they took to Twitter and started making of the actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

Also, Taylor Shift told that their relationship. lasted for 3 months. She’s hoped that the relationship is going too well and it was around the time of Christmas that Jake decided to end their relationship. Also, it is told that Jagdale is currently ashamed and is being targeted for how he treated Taylor Swift during that time. Well, Jagdale is a private person who doesn’t like to share anything with the public or the media. But this time he has been targeted about his past relationship with Taylor Swift Just because the song is dropped.

While currently, Jake Gyllenhaal has denied anything about his relationship with Taylor Swift and also he has not been approached for any kind of featuring in the song where he will be mentioned on.

A day after the release of Red (Taylor’s Version), Jake was seen for the first time at an event hosted by Los Angeles Confidential magazine on November 13, 2021. A source told Us Weekly at the time that Jake seemed to be in “good” spirits, despite his ex-girlfriend’s shade. “Jake was in a good mood,” the insider said. “He was proud to be there to present the award for sound editing to Mandell Winter.”

Jeanne Cadieu is the model who is currently in a relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal and though they started dating in 2018 and kept their relationship under the wraps for a few years right now they’re almost spotted together with each other most. While Their age difference is something that made all the fuss in Taylor Swift’s mind and all thing is believed related to that. Jake Gyllenhaal (40) and Jeanne Cadieu(25) have an age gap of 15 years between them.

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