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James Franco DISGUSTING SEX SCANDAL is Horrifying, Says He Has SEX ADDICTION

James Franco has finally revealed that he has a problem of sex addiction He said this election lead to him not considering people feeling and he had to destroy many of his relationships because of his addictions and that addiction also lead to alcoholism and get that his career and his life suffered a lot.

In a recent interview, he opened about lots of things. That has affected his life and how he is also trying to overcome the challenges that he is facing currently in his life. We will tell you all the details about what he said in the interview and what has and where has he been in recent past years. He told in an interview that he cheated everybody he met until. He met Isabel Pakzad, that is his current girlfriend.

James Franco has been very vocal about the struggles that he is facing in his life and how he is overcoming those challenges in his life. He also told that how he was disgusted by himself, that he is doing such lots of awful things to other people that are coming into his life. He said that this particularly affected him a lot, and the bore it affected him. It affected more the people who were closer to him and his relationships become dysfunctional and because of that, he was becoming angry? Having lots of changes in his moods so that affected his relationship to a certain level where he could not even be in the same room with those people.

Not only yet a dysfunctional relationship, but he also used to have sex with his students who he used to teach, and he told that how that was thick and horrifying because he was addicted to sex that much that he was willing to have it with those people who found him attractive. He said that since he was a teenager year, he was becoming popular and that popularity let him to driven. You get more attention from the people and that led to more. People getting closer to him and that blaze resulted in getting him too addicted to sex and alcoholism.

Back in June, Franco settled a sexual misconduct lawsuit for $2,235,000 after he and business partner Vince Jolivette were accused of engaging “in widespread inappropriate and sexually charged behavior towards female students by sexualizing their power as a teacher and an employer by dangling the opportunity for roles in their projects” at the acting school the pair once operated. He was also accused of being meeting a girl in a hotel who is very younger and underage in New York a hotel room.

He also told that he hasn’t spoken about these things till now because he feels it. It was not the right time for him to tell about these things, but he is telling that he has come a long way and has been making recovery. And since his last relation with Isabel that started in 2017 is been going well and he is currently loving the phase he is in this relationship. He opened up about how Isabel was there for him and she understood him that he is currently going through lots of things and she was always by his side.

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