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Jokes: Luck of girls is better than boys, you will laugh knowing the reason – destiny jokes facebook most viral memes 2023 hindi chutkule lbs

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, Wife troubled by husband one day
reached to Panditji
Wife- Panditji, tell me one thing
This is a matter of birth
Is it true?
Panditji – 100% true.
wife means me in next life
Will also get the same husband.
Panditji – Absolutely.
Wife – Oh God! Then
There is no use even in committing suicide.

, The village doctor kept the thermometer in the mouth of the beautiful girl and said…
Doctor- Have to keep quiet for a while…
Seeing this, the girl’s lover said…
How much is this thing and where is it available.

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, Ramesh was selling Jalebi, but was saying
Take the potatoes, take the potatoes…
passerby – but this is jalebi
Ramesh – Shut up! Otherwise flies will come.

, Titu – how good with girls man
Before marriage there is father’s angel and
After marriage she becomes the Lakshmi of the house.
Monty- And the boys?
Titu- What about the boys, they get beaten up by their father before marriage.
And after marriage with wife.

(Disclaimer: Jokes for this section have been taken from popular content being shared on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Their purpose is only to tickle people a little. It is not our intention to ridicule, demean or comment on it.)

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