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Julia Fox Cleared the Rumors Of Affair And Hinted Towards A Monogamy Relation With Kanye!

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Julia Fox finally responds to the rumors of her and Kanye West dating. Once our celebrities are involved in a new relationship then the rumors also get involved with them. It is not just the rumors related to their heading on in the relationship but also the affairs, the breakups, the reconcilement, and many more. We have seen so many things like that.

Most of these rumors are baseless that get birth on social media. Whether it is Instagram or Twitter or Facebook, our celebrities started getting tired of such extra involvement in their relationship. Among them is the newly formed couple Kanye West and Julia Fox.

Kanye West is dating the actress Julia Fox for almost more than a month. It is from New Year Eve that it all started. Since these two get quickly serious and involved in each other that fans started calling their relationship an open one. That is the reason why it leads to so many rumors.

What does more Julia Fox say about the Rumors?

Kanye and Fox as a couple want nothing from each other but just happiness and stay away from all the bad vibes. But it seems that it is not happening, bad vibes have kinda like surrounded them. There were many rumors that Kanye is also dating an Instagram model called Chaney Jones who looks like his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. On the other hand, we have also heard that Julia is also dating one mysterious person on East Coast, alongside Kanye West.

In the recent party that was held by Kanye West for his Donda 2, we have seen that Travis Scott and Kendall Jenner were there, despite having a divorce with Kim. We have also spotted the Kim look like Chaney Jones at the party.

Getting tired of these things, Fox has taken her Instagram. With the help of the Instagram story, Fox said that she is feeling very tired of seeing herself and that is the reason why she has unfollowed a lot of fan accounts.

These all things have been done by her in a way to clear all the rumors that she and Kanye are in one more relationship. Form both parties it is a monogamy relationship.

She also said through the video that she has deleted some of her posts from Instagram and called Instagram, not a happy place. She said that she is tired and a lot of people comment on her posts that she is uploading only those pictures of hers where she is looking good.

Recently Julia has celebrated her birthday and she said thank you to everyone who came on her birthday. She said that she doesn’t celebrate her birthday as she feels she is aging one more year. But now she thinks that life is getting better for her.

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