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Junagadh shrouded in mist : a hill station like environment at Girnar cafe madrid

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Junagadh shrouded in mist: a hill station-like environment near Girnar

  • Junagadh was shrouded in fog with a chill of 10.6 degrees
  • Increase in cold after two days of relief from cold
  • The fog made it difficult for motorists

After two days of respite from the cold in Junagadh town, the cold intensified today and fog was seen early in the morning, creating a hill station-like atmosphere over Junagadh town and Girnar. Tourists enjoyed the scenic view of the mist-shrouded Mount Girnar. So people were seen passing by with the lights of vehicles on in the foggy environment Junagadh Somnath Highway Madhuram Zanzarda Road Motibag Sabalpur Chowkdi and Bhavnath Kshetra roads were foggy.

In Junagadh, the cold has eased over the past two days. Dense fog could be seen in the city this morning as if Junagadh was enveloped in a blanket of fog. Due to the dense fog in various parts of the city and in the countryside, motorists had many problems driving. The cold level has dropped since two days. Then this morning thick fog hung in the atmosphere and visibility was reduced so that children who went to school in the morning and people who went for a walk in the morning and motorists had difficulty driving their vehicles.

Even during the day, the drivers had to resort to the lights of their vehicles because of thick fog. A blanket of fog spread in both the city and the countryside. In Junagadh town, there was a thick blanket of fog in the areas including Zanzarda Road, Madhuram and Bhavnath along with the roads of Junagadh rural area. were also covered in this thick blanket of fog. An atmosphere similar to a hill station was created in the foothills of Girnar and Bhavnath. Tourists who came to Girnar reached Dattatreya after a darshan of Mataji through dense fog.


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