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Jung-Gil’s pain, will Ryeon return?

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It will be painful for Jung-Gil to process the wounds of his past in Tomorrow Ep 16. Jung-Gil will find it difficult to cope with his loss and to blame himself for it. The upcoming episode will bring a great realization moment for everyone. Furthermore, fans will learn more about Cho-hui’s relationship with Ryeon and how things ended drastically. Keep reading to know more.

Tomorrow Ep 16 Preview: What Happens Next?

It will be shocking for Jung-Gil to overcome the wound. He will blame himself for Ryeon’s death and the pain will be intense, causing him to make the wrong decision. He will break the Reaper’s vow and will work on finding a way to learn more about his past. In Tomorrow Ep 16, Jung-Gil goes back in time to find out what happened to him after the fight.

Tomorrow Ep 16

It will also help him discover why he asked the director to erase his memories. There is speculation that Jung-Gil will find a way to reunite with Ryeon, and the upcoming episode will also reveal Cho-hui’s relationship with Ryeon.

A quick summary!

Unfortunately, in the previous episode, Jung-Gil’s memories of his past were sealed and put away. But he still bore the pain of the wounds of his past. He also struggled after learning that Ryeon had committed suicide. After learning that Ryeon came from hell, Jung-Gil decided to confront his dreams with the director. There he learned that he was the one who urged him to erase his memories. So he decided to find the truth and went out furious.

Tomorrow Ep 16

While Jung-Gil was working with the director, Cho-hui struggled to come to terms with Ryeon’s suicide. She blamed herself for forcing Ryeon to break the ton of Reaper rules. Despite this, Cho-hui decided to stay focused on her rehearsal for the upcoming album. She seemed straightforward and stood in front of the right, which aroused a lot of hatred. Furthermore, she and Ryeon had a close relationship and their relationship will be revealed in the following episodes.

Tomorrow Ep 16: Release Date

Tomorrow Ep 16 will be released on May 21, 2022 at 4pm GMT. The sixteenth episode lasts an hour and will finally reveal the fate of Ryeon and Jung-Gil. You can stream the show on Netflix right after it airs on the original network. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you informed.


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