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Justin Roiland’s ‘High on Life’ Coming to Xbox and PC in December

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High in life‘s sci-fi shooter Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland, is slated to release on December 13 on Xbox and PC. High in life looks like a ridiculous mix of Galaxy Quest, Strange world and bugsnax, sending players on an interstellar journey to save their friends from spherical, brightly colored aliens. Roiland’s studio, Squanch Games, unveiled High in life in June, aiming for an October release. Today’s news marks a delay of just two months. Given some of the other, longer gaming delays this year, a few months is basically right on schedule.

A main feature of High in life is the range of talking weapons with insect eyes available to the player. The guns offer commentary and jokes as they fire projectiles, including bullets and their own spore-like babies. There’s also a blade that screams for blood and says “sting” as you sink its blade into enemies. It’s all very healthy, in a grown-up, cartoonish way.

In addition to the new release date, Squanch has released a new trailer for: High in life during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live showcase, featuring a boss fight with the villainous 9-TORG. The footage shows wrestling and weapon mechanics in a single room covered in green sludge, complete with almost constant commentary from the weapons.

The Squanch crew has announced the delay on Twitter hours before ONL went live, in addition to a apologies video with very Roiland vibes.

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