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Karnataka BJP MLA threatens to stop partying, alleges harassment over domed bus stop in Mysuru

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After a disagreement at a domed bus stop on Mysuru-Ooty Road with BJP MP Pratap Simha, Karnataka BJP MLA Ramadass threatened to leave the party claiming he was being harassed by his party members.

Saga Raj

Mysuru,UPDATED: 17 Nov. 2022 11:39 PM IST

Karnataka BJP MLA SA Ramadass

Karnataka BJP MLA SA Ramadass threatened to leave the party saying he was “harassed” by members of his own party.

By Sagay Raj: Karnataka BJP MLA Ramadass threatened to leave the party on Thursday alleging he was being harassed by his own party members. This comes after the lawmaker fell out with BJP MP Pratap Simha over the construction of a dome-shaped bus stand on Mysuru-Ooty Road.

Ramadass said 10 people had already left the party after “harassment”. “In the past 30 years, 11 MLAs have won against the BJP, 10 people have already quit. They were all harassed and left the party. I’m the only person left with the party. I also have a desire to contribute to society. I don’t want any other complications,” Ramadass said.

Speaking on the matter, he said, “I bow my head to the expert committee report, let them form an expert committee and submit a report.” He added that he will bear the costs himself. “Let the government decide, that’s more important,” Ramadass said.

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Earlier, the This has been announced by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). to Mysore City Corporation and Karnataka Rural Infrastructure Development Limited (KRIDL) to demolish the bus shelter.

Ramadass had clarified the design of the bus stop saying it was built in resemblance to the Mysore palace. He added that bus stops will be built in different places in the constituency with different designs made possible by the minister’s fund.

“This is to be built on a budget of Rs 10 lakh and construction work is underway,” he added.


Meanwhile, MP Pratap Simha said he cannot harass a senior politician like Ramadass. “Ramadass is a rich MLA who can burn me with his money,” Pratap Simha added.

“Ramadass is a senior politician of our party. Though he was an aide to Congress before, he joined the BJP after the demolition of the Gumbaz (dome) in Ayodhya,” Simha said.

He further said, “Now, talking about the Gumbaz designs on the bus stops does not worry the followers of Shivaji Maharaj, but only the followers of Tippu Sultan.”

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Simha said that Ramadass has been a politician for 29 years and that he is “certainly aware of the standard that bus stops should be built according to the basic design structures.”

He denied that Ramadass was harassed, adding: “I do not know in what context SA Ramadass mentions this harassment. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited recently, Ramadass interacted jovially with him and I am certainly not one big enough to bother someone like him.”

“And there are so many powerful politicians in Mysore, who have the power to burn me with the money they have earned. I am not a man powerful enough to harass such politicians,” added Simha.

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