Keto diet side effect: Keto diet increases the risk of heart attack and stroke… fatal for these people! – Keto diet weight loss side effect Keto or low carb high fat diets can increase or double the risk of heart attack and stroke says new study tvism

Keto diet side effects: People follow many types of diets to lose weight. Which includes paleo diet, low-carb diet, high protein diet, intermittent fasting etc. The name of one such famous diet is ketogenic or keto diet. It is widely used to reduce weight and there are many Bollywood celebs who revealed that they resorted to keto diet to lose weight.

A study presented at the Annual Scientific Session of the American College of Cardiology along with the World Congress of Cardiology has found that following a keto diet doubles the amount of bad cholesterol. It can also increase the risk of cardiovascular conditions like chest pain (angina), blockage of arteries, heart attack and stroke.

Risk of heart disease may increase

Iulia Iatan, from the University of British Columbia Center for Heart Lung Innovation in Canada and lead author of the study, said, “Our study found that regular consumption of a low-carbohydrate and high-fat diet can lower LDL (bad) cholesterol.” The level increases which increases the risk of heart disease.

Dr. Anoop Mishra, President, Fortis CDOC Hospital for Diabetes and Allied Sciences, New Delhi said, “This study is going to be a game changer as it is the largest ever study on diet. The results of the study show that keto The disadvantages of diet are more than its benefits.

What was found in the study

Dr Ethan and his team analyzed data from UK Biobank, a database of health information from over 500,000 people living in the UK who have been followed for the past 10 years. The study assessed the health data base of 305 people in the United Kingdom. People who had taken keto diet in the last 24 hours compared that group with 1220 such people who were equal in age to those who took keto diet but they had taken balanced diet.

People taking the keto diet were taking 25 percent of their daily calories from carbohydrates and more than 45 percent of their calories from fat. In this study, 73 percent were women who were overweight and their average age was 54 years. Researchers had analyzed the health of people for about 12 years for this.

Research found that people who followed the keto diet had significantly increased LDL cholesterol. During the follow-up period, the risk of heart-related disease increased by 4.3 percent in people with a balanced diet and 9.8 percent in people with a keto diet. Researchers suggested that if a person wants to follow keto diet, then he must first consult a doctor.

Unhealthy fat causes harm

Talking to cafe, Dietician Jyoti Khanioj (Dt. Jyoti Khaniojh) of Max Super Specialty Hospital, Patparganj, Delhi said, ‘In ketogenic diet, 10 percent of the daily diet is from carbohydrates, 20-30 percent from protein and 60- 80 percent comes from fat. Talking about carbs in keto diet, they are the same as those in an apple or banana. Neither roti nor rice, bread nor pasta is eaten in this diet. You have to take 60-80 percent of the total calories of the body from fat, which includes eating butter, ghee and cheese, which are high in saturated (unhealthy) fat. If someone consumes so much fat on a daily basis, then his LDL level will increase which will further increase the risk of heart related diseases. I recommend that no one should do keto diet without consulting a doctor and should not follow it for more than 2-3 months.

Dietician Jyoti further said, ‘Indian food contains only 8 to 10 percent protein while the body’s requirement is 20-25 percent. If and for a long time we have been insisting that we should try to increase the consumption of protein by 20 percent.

In India, the amount of carbs in any one normal plate is high, which leads to weight gain and also increases the level of triglyceride. That’s why keep carb-fat-protein and fiber balanced in the plate. Keep carbs 50 percent, take 25 percent protein and 25 percent healthy fat (monounsaturated fat). Add grains like whole grains, brown rice, multigrain bread, whole wheat, oats with bran and unpolished millets to the diet. Add fish, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, ginger and mustard oil to monounsaturated fat. The worst oils are coconut and palm which are high in saturated fat.

Don’t Follow Keto Diet For More Than 3 Months: Celebrity Fitness Coach Prasad Nandkumar Shirke

Celebrity fitness coach Prasad Nandkumar Shirke told, ‘Excessive consumption of fat in the diet poses a risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and possibly cancer. On the other hand, keto diet can increase the risk of low blood pressure, kidney stones, constipation, nutritional deficiencies and heart disease. Keto diet is not safe for people who have diseases related to pancreas, liver, thyroid, kidney and gallbladder. The low-carb, high-fat keto diet is linked to higher levels of “bad” cholesterol and a doubling of cardiovascular risks, leading to clogged arteries, heart attack and stroke. I suggest if you want to do keto diet then maximum 3 months is enough. Endomorph bodybuilders follow keto diet in bodybuilding but from time to time. They do not always follow this diet.

Makes fat storage faster

Dr. Mishra says, ‘Carbohydrate is the primary source of energy for our body. Eating fewer carbohydrates means depriving the body of one of the key macro-nutrients. In such a situation, the body looks for other sources to fuel itself and starts breaking down fat cells for energy. The breakdown of fat cells in the liver produces ketones, chemicals that the body uses as energy in the absence of carbohydrates.”

Dr. Mishra further said, ‘Most of the fat consumed by Indians is saturated fat which is found in coconut oil, cheese, ghee and mayonnaise. If someone takes 30 to 35 percent of total daily calories from fat, then about 15 to 20 percent of it is saturated fat and not poly or monounsaturated fat. Saturated fat accelerates the process of fat storage in the body.

The risk of heart related diseases will increase

Dr V Mohan, President, Dr Mohan Diabetologist Center, Chennai said, “I am not at all shocked by this study as I have real evidence of the conclusions drawn on people following keto diet. I have been talking for a long time about the harmful effects of keto diet or any lowcarb-high fat diet. Keto diet is very low in carbs and very high in fat. Indians consume mostly saturated fat which deprives them of nutrients, There can be deficiency of fiber and antioxidants and heart related diseases will surround you.

Dr. Mohan argues that keto diet can be beneficial for some time and reduce weight, but following it for a long time will have side effects on heart health and will also increase blood fat.

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