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Khattar Sahab Deramukhi not preparing campaign songs for your election: Swati Maliwal Punjab News cafe madrid

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Khattar Sahab Deramukhi not preparing campaign songs for your election : Swati Maliwal Punjab News

New Delhi, (Deepak Garg) – Swati Maliwal, chairman of the Delhi Commission for Women, has once again surrounded the Haryana government over Ram Rahim’s 40-day parole. Swati Maliwal tweeted on the video of Ram Rahim composing the song and said Khattar Sahab, are you making this a campaign song for the next election?

In this video, Ram Rahim trains his disciple to prepare the melody of the song. Earlier, Swati Maliwal also targeted CM Manohar Lal’s OSD Krishan Bedi and Rajya Sabha member Krishan Panwar for seeking blessings from Ram Rahim.

Let us tell you that Ram Rahim himself writes songs, composes his music and sings himself. He has made this claim many times. He is currently on parole. Meanwhile, he launched the song ‘Mere Desh Ki Jawani’.

Swati Maliwal has protested before

Swati Maliwal, chairman of the Delhi Commission for Women, also opposed Ram Rahim’s parole in October 2022. Swati had then claimed that she was threatened by Dera lovers because she opposed Ram Rahim’s parole. Referring to this on her Twitter account, Swati Maliwal said that ever since she raised her voice against Ram Rahim, his followers are telling her to stay away from Baba. Listen to my voice – God protect me, I am not afraid of such threats, I will continue to raise the voice of truth, if you dare, shoot from the front.

Wrote a letter requesting parole amendment

Swati Maliwal wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding changes in parole and amnesty rules. In the letter, Swati had written that the release of rapist Bilquis Bano and the parole of Ram Rahim have broken the spirit of every Nirbhaya in the country. He has written to the Prime Minister urging him to change the amnesty and parole rules. Demands were also made to return the rapist of Bilquis Bano and Ram Rahim to prison.

Swati Maliwal asked 5 questions to the Chief Minister

Earlier, Swati Maliwal, chairman of the Delhi Commission for Women, had accused the Haryana government of Ram Rahim’s 40-day parole. Swati Maliwal asked Haryana CM Manohar Lal about the important duty of Ram Rahim that he got parole.

Maliwal posed 5 questions to Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal. He said that Ram Rahim was paroled by the court? If so, which court gave this? Your minister said that parole is the business of your government’s prison department, so did the interior minister lie, did the district officer grant parole? Parole is only granted for very important reasons. What is the important work of Ram Rahim, what action will be taken against those government people who went to his satsang? Did the government view Baba as a well-behaved prisoner?

Haryana government engaged in the worship of Ram Rahim: Swati

Swati Maliwal had said that the Haryana government was preoccupied with Ram Rahim’s devotion. Swati Maliwal said that Ram Rahim is a murderer and a rapist. The Haryana government parols him whenever it wants.

The court has sentenced Ram Rahim to life imprisonment for rape and murder. Why is such a dangerous person paroled again and again? He gives speeches and songs on parole and some leaders of the Haryana government clap their hands in reverence. The Haryana government must terminate Gurmeet’s parole immediately.

Ram Rahim has been paroled several times

Charged with rape and murder, Gurmeet Ram Rahim has received many parolees. He was last granted parole in October 2022. Gurmeet Ram Rahim has a large following in Haryana and Punjab. The opposition parties had claimed that his release from jail would affect panchayat elections and by-elections in Adampur last year.

Deramukhi was convicted in 2017

In August 2017, a special CBI court in Panchkula convicted him of rape and murder. After that, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and three others were convicted in 2019 for the murder of a journalist.

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