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Krafton shows off a ‘concept trailer’ for his ambitious fantasy epic

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A screenshot of a concept trailer for Krafton's 'Project Windless'.
Image: Krafton

Krafton, the company behind PUBGhopes to build a medium epic with his adaptation of the Korean fantasy novel The bird that drinks tears. It’s still in its infancy, but the company has released a “concept trailer” for the project designed to give an idea of ​​what players and viewers can expect.

Built in Unreal Engine 5, the trailer is based on concept art by Iain McCaig, who previously worked on projects ranging from Star Wars until The Avengers. Krafton is working on a game based on the novel and says it will also release an art book later this year and a graphic novel in 2023. The multimedia project is currently called ‘Project Windless’.

In a press release, Krafton said that “in addition to the untitled game project, the visualization project is positioned to direct the aesthetic and tonal directions of various multimedia projects based on The bird that drinks tearsincluding a graphic novel and a movie.”

Last year in an interview with The edge, Krafton art director Kwang Jae Son compared Project Windless’s goals to another ongoing fantasy series. “Interesting, The Witcher The video game series was based on the original novels, but ironically, the game made the original novel better known to the world,” explains Son. “And since then, the IP has been serially produced and has become a global IP loved by many. In this regard, The Witcher is a good role model for us.”

Although Krafton is most closely associated with: PUBG, Project Windless is part of what appears to be a concerted effort to find the next big thing. Elsewhere, the company is exploring virtual people with an avatar named Ana, who recently launched a music video.

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