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Kris Williams Wiki – Net Worth, Husband, Family. Who is she?

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Who is Kris Williams?

Kris Williams was born on February 20, 1981 in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA. She is a television personality, social media personality and actress, perhaps best known for her work on the “Ghost Hunters” series, as well as its spin-off “Ghost Hunters International”. She became popular as part of the research team of these shows.

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Kris Williams’ net worth

As of mid-2020, Kris Williams’ net worth is estimated to be over $7 million, earned through her years of work in the entertainment industry. She has landed highly regarded contracts throughout her career and appeared in other TV shows and feature films.

Recently, she has also been given numerous income-related opportunities through online platforms such as YouTube.

Early life, education and career start

Kris grew up in Lowell along with a younger sibling. She became very handy at home at a young age because her father found her to do many things like carpentry and other household chores. During high school, she developed an interest in acting and took performing arts classes while attending Alvirne High School in New Hampshire. At that time, the family had moved and settled in that state.

After her entrance exam, she continued her studies by enrolling in a two-year Communications course at the nearby River College.

The private university is part of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and offers both on-campus and online programs for its students. After graduation, she had not set a goal for her career, so initially she used her skills and knowledge in carpentry to work for about three years at a company dedicated to flooring. She also worked with her father and became an employee in his gun shop, which also lasted a few years.

Acting transition

In the early 2000s, Williams decided she would pursue her interests in acting and began attending auditions. Because of this, she got a minor role in the film “mystical river”, which was directed by Clint Eastwood.

Kris Williams

The film, starring Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon, is based on Dennis Lehane’s novel of the same name, the story of three childhood friends who grew apart and later became involved in a murder case as adults. The film was very successful and won several Oscars.

She did a few more acting projects over the next few years, though she didn’t find the same success as her first work. She has mainly appeared in B movies and independent film projects, including “The Lady Trio”, which follows the relationships of three women with vastly different circumstances. She also collaborated with Vincent Pagano and Marley Shelton in the movie “Jesus, Mary, and Joey”, about a man who meets one of his childhood classmates, but discovers that she has grown into a beauty as an adult.

One of her last acting projects was 2007’s ‘Diabolical Tales: Part II’, a series of short films set in a fictional universe where most of the popular conspiracy theories turned out to be true.

ghost hunters

In 2007 Kris . was form as one of the investigators and case managers of the show “Ghost Hunters”, establishing herself as one of the show’s main personalities. Although she had no past experience of ghost hunting, unlike other cast members, she showed a strong interest in the project and had the qualities to stand out as a television personality. The show features members of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) as they investigate various locations that have been reported as haunted.

The protagonists Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes can be seen as plumbers by day and investigators by night. In later seasons, the producers dropped the TAPS team in favor of other researchers, although the reasons were not disclosed. The show was initially more of a docu-soap, with drama elements to add to its entertainment value. Later, however, the show became more of a documentary as the team visited more popular haunted locations in different parts of the world. The show is said to have been one of the reasons ghost hunting shows and other paranormal-focused reality shows became popular.

Ghost Hunters International and Recent Efforts

In 2008, Williams began appearing in the “Ghost Hunters” spin-off, “Ghost Hunters International”, is working on more episodes for the spin-off and will eventually become an important part of the international team. Unlike the original show, this team traveled the world visiting various haunted locations of international renown. She later admitted that she was motivated to move to the other show, having been horrified by one of the “Ghost Hunters” crew members who started a creepy bloodletting ritual during filming. “Ghost Hunters International” ran for four years before the show finally ended with no renewal by Syfy.

In recent years, Kris has moved away from acting and television work, moving to Australia and becoming more of a mainstay within the paranormal scene. She appears in various events related to ghosts, appears in tours or other paranormal celebrations. She also focused more on her online presence, establishing a YouTube channel and posting regularly to Instagram as well. She moved to Australia and one of her most recent projects is a public ghost-hunting tour of the historic warship, the USS Edson.

Private life

Kris remained silent about her romantic endeavors for most of her life, so it came as a surprise when she announced she was married in 2017.

Her husband is a former military pilot for the Australian Air Force and the two have been together for a long time and even had a child long before they got married. With their marriage, she also became the stepmother to her husband’s child from a previous relationship.

She calls herself a Jane-of-all-trades, with many interests. She loved that “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Hunters International” allowed her to combine her interests in conspiracy theories, paranormal and urban legends with travel. Apart from this, she is a big fan of art and is also very interested in genealogy, even tracing most of her family roots over time.


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