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Kristen Stewart Admits Planning For Her Wedding With Dylan Meyer, Called It Dauntic!

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Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer are rumored to be getting married soon. Marriage is that pious bonding that should always be mutual and always have to be serious and that is the reason why most of the love birds in Hollywood have headed towards marriage or they are going to get married soon.

We have seen a lot more who dated for some years or months and then they get engaged and they decide to get married. Many names and rumors came in the past few months regarding this thing and among them were the Twilight actress Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart who is famously known for her role in the Twilight Saga is now dating a screenwriter Dylan Meyer. Kristen Stewart who is 31 years old has given an interview to a magazine or a channel where she confessed about the rumors that are surrounding her and her partner. It was clear that the couple got engaged and they are about to marry but “when” is the question.

Kristen Stewart Shared About her Wedding News

In the recent interview of Kristen Stewart that was given to CBS on Sunday Morning. It was asked to her whether she is getting married to Dylan or not then in reply she said that no she is not getting married for now. She mentioned it like “no, it’s a lot”. She even further said that these rumors are something that is daunting and discouraging.

With the furthermore words, in addition, she even said it in a very obvious manner that whenever it is about to happen then it will happen for sure. She is just not yet ready to either say ” I do” or to take the responsibility as each other’s legal partners. Kristen then revealed that she doesn’t really want to get engaged for just a few years like that of five years.

When it was asked to her what she will do in her marriage then she replies in every cool manner. She said that she really doesn’t care about the things like flowers and all, what she cares about is food. She just wants food at her wedding should be on point. She then said that she would be wearing a pair of perfect Levis.

And for the dress, it would be an old t-shirt which she loves to match with a tuxedo print. She would love to walk barefoot. She wants a very home wedding and she wants Dylan to laugh a lot when she will see Kristen Stewart in Tuxedo print.

It was in 2017 that Kristen came publicly as a bisexual woman and then in 2019 she came in relation with Dylan Meyer who is a screenwriter. She is living very happily with Dylan. In 2021 November, they got engaged to be married.

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