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Lake Bell stated that the perspective of the marriage changed after the divorce with Scott Campbell

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The actress and writer has been making headlines lately for her burgeoning affair with comedian Chris Rock. At that point, the two had been dating for almost a month. Her appearance in the headlines raises many concerns about her love life, especially her relationship with her ex-husband and children prior to Rock. Bell’s marriage lasted almost seven years. Bell learned a lot about marriage and relationships through ruminations between marriage and divorce.

Lake Bell’s relationship with her ex-husband and children

Bell met her husband, tattoo artist Scott Campbell, in 2011 while working on the set of How to Make It in America. She was getting ready for part of the program and would be tattooed in the process. Campbell, who appeared in the episode, was the one who tattooed her around 6 a.m. He went inside and immediately grabbed her attention.

There was an instant hit and they got engaged on her birthday, March 24, 2012. They were married on June 1, 2013 at The Marigny Opera House in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was their first marriage and they took the time to start a family. They had their first child, Nova, in October 2014. Their second child, boy Ozgood (tzi for short and unnamed after Ozzy Osbourne), was born in May 2017.

Lake Bello

For some time, the actress’s life was complicated by the fact that her daughter suffers from epilepsy. However, she made it through thanks to Campbell’s unwavering support. “My husband is an amazing parent,” she told Baby Center (via E! Online) a few months before their split.

Campbell, too, was determined to be the best husband and father he could be so that his family would not suffer. “I want to be the best husband and father I can be for her, so she doesn’t grow up with jerks. I never make her feel inferior” In 2019 he told Fatherly magazine

They held it together…until they couldn’t anymore. They announced their split on their individual Instagram profiles on October 22, 2020. They expressed similar emotions in their announcements, promising to be the best parents they could be and to always prioritize their kids. They also planned to become best friends after their divorce.

How Lake Bell’s Marriage Perspective Has Changed

Bell admitted to The Independent in June 2018 that she grew up “surrounded by divorce all my life.” As a result, she developed a “cynical” perspective on marriage, viewing it as an outdated institution. “‘Until death do us part?’ Are you joking?” she wondered. That all changed when she met Campbell.

Lake Bello

So over the course of their relationship, she explored the complexities of marriages, including her own. And in 2017, she put what she’d learned over the years into a script called I Do…Until I Don’t. I Do…Until I Don’t, a critically acclaimed film shows her growth over the years. She was curious about how relationships will evolve over time, not just on the couple’s wedding day.


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