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Latest discovery! More tunnels in lot 8!

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Since the third episode of the tenth season, the team was enlightened with more evidence, artifacts and gold. They have collected many clues that prove their theory correct. Now in The Curse Of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 6, the team continues to explore lot 8. In the past, they ended their exploration there after being unable to dig deeper into that spot. But with the help of new technology, they will uncover a mystery that will leave them stunned. Let’s see what it is.

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 6: What Happens Next?

The upcoming episode, ‘Over The Muon’, is about surprising discoveries. Gary will go underground again to find more evidence and be amazed at his discovery. He will find something strange in Lot 8. It suggests that Lot 8 has some connection to the Money Pit. The team will be shocked as they continue to dig deeper and learn about different tunnels. Well, they already predicted that there could be a possibility that Lot 8 included a variety of tunnels, and they were right. It indicates that the tunnels are in the garden shaft and they must now chase it to find the connection to the Money Pit.

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 6

A quick summary!

The previous episode was lucrative for the team. The team eventually found their way to the shallow tunnel. They send their team member, Gary, underground to find more evidence. Surprisingly, they found a variety of artifacts there. Later, their theory proved that the shallower tunnel had a connection to the Money Pit. The Lagina brothers continued to elaborate as they all discussed the artifacts and their association with the legendary treasure. Meanwhile, Marty warned everyone about an off-set room, and he wasn’t wrong.

All the artifacts they acquired were close to the shallower tunnel. So the team kept digging there and discovered some mysterious ship logs. It belonged to the French armada ship used in 1746. It was solid evidence proving that Duc D’Anville and his people once landed on Oak Island. That proved their treasure theory and that was the reason behind this show. In the end, the team planned to have another member go underground to find more evidence.

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 6

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 6: Release Date

Season 10 gets interesting week after week as the Lagina brothers continue to unravel the mystery. The Curse Of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 6 will air December 20, 2022 at 9pm ET. It will be available on the History Channel, Sky History and the official History website. Fans can also stream it on Hulu. All-new episodes air every Wednesday. So don’t miss it. TechRadar247 will keep you posted.


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