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Laurence Bedard’s Wiki – Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth

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Who is Laurence Bedard?

Laurence Bedard was born on July 15, 1993 in Montreal, Ontario, Canada. She is a model, social media personality and hairdresser, best known for her online fame, with millions of followers on the website Instagram. Her unique looks and work in alternative models have helped her get plenty of opportunities.

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The wealth of Laurence Bedard

As of mid-2020, Laurence Bedard’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, largely earned through a successful modeling career. She has won numerous sponsors and modeling projects thanks to her online fame. She also does other work, including a profession as a hairdresser.

Early life, education and career start

At a young age, Laurence traveled with her family, moving to Montreal and Laval before finally settling in Quebec. Growing up there, she developed a strong interest in fashion and beauty, which eventually led her to pursue a career as a model. The family later moved back to Montreal, where she attended high school, and after her matriculation, she attended specialized courses aimed at hairdressing, later taking hairdressing classes as well.

Her education led her to become an employee of Jim Le Barbier, a well-known barber shop in Canada known for using trends, celebrity haircuts and skilled stylists, and has even attracted some notable names to their salons.

While she made some consistent wins there, her career was boosted when she discovered the website Instagram. The site is known as a popular hub among aspiring models and those aspiring to work in the fashion industry. She started posting regularly on the photo-sharing site, which in turn started to expand her reach.

Alternative modeling and getting famous

One of the aspects of Bedard that helped her quickly gain fame online was her unusual appearance. She had attractive features – her face and her figure – but what stood out were her numerous tattoos on her body. She has full sleeve tattoos, tattoos on her stomach and on her thighs. One of the most recognizable is the word Overcome tattooed on her stomach.

Laurence Bedard

She rose to fame as part of the alternative modeling movement, attractive women who usually don’t conform to the usual standards set by the beauty industry. Many models of this category have many tattoos on their bodies, while others often stick to a particular niche, style or identify with a specific minority or group. These types of models usually have gothic, emo or punk looks.

Alternative modeling has a strong following and it wasn’t long before she was contacted to start working with photographers who focused on this type of model. She also worked with other models who have many similarities with her, such as Tina Louise. This brought in a lot of income in her way, and her following continued to grow.

Like many Instagram models, Laurence also accepted sponsorship offers and model contracts with several well-known companies in the online sphere. One is Fashion Nova, which is known for using various Instagram models to promote clothes they sell online, and through brick-and-mortar stores in California. The store is also known for using celebrities, often with cheap clothes that can often be worn in clubs and the like. The company later expanded into menswear and signature lines, such as a collaboration with Cardi B. However, in 2019, the company sparked controversy after it was revealed that they pay too little their workers.

Another major company she became an ambassador for is Bang Energy – the company has a similar marketing strategy to that of Fashion Nova. Their various video packs often feature these models drinking their energy drinks, especially many fitness models, as the energy drink is often marketed to fitness enthusiasts. Owned by Florida-based Vital Pharmaceuticals, the company has expanded to showcase various types of beverage products, while also being known for its feud with its competitor Monster Energy, with the two involved in lawsuits on a certain moment.

Recent efforts

For the past few months, Laurence has continued her work for both Bang Energy and Fashion Nova, posting almost daily to promote both brands. She also started researching other income streams and created an account at only fans. On that website, subscribers can choose to pay a monthly fee to access exclusive photos and other online content. The site is known as a popular hub among sex workers, who want more control over their pay and content by providing nude photos or videos to their paying subscribers.

While Only Fans is best known for that, Bedard doesn’t like nude modeling or showing off her body.

Most of her pictures are probably those of her many modeling shots, but not the ones she shows on Instagram. In recent weeks, she has mainly been posting photos from home, as many countries are in quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. She has also collaborated with several tattoo-focused magazines to share her love of tattoos.

Private life

Laurence was in a relationship with Canadian military veteran Joey Filiatrault, and he was featured in her online posts during the early part of her career. However, they quietly broke up and she deleted all traces of him from her online posts. Since then, there have been no more reports of romantic relationships going her way.

Many of her critics have accused her of plastic surgery, especially enhancements such as breast implants. She has denied having surgery, although some have pointed out that her photos show what breasts often look like after getting implants.

When it comes to tattoos, she often does chooses those she knows will age well and be inspirational to her. Her Overcome tattoo was put on her during a very painful time in her life, and she had it done on her stomach as it is one of the most painful places to get tattoos, which indicates the importance of the word to her.

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