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Leanne continues to get mad while the Turners are out of luck!

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It seems that Leanne’s fear will continue to cloud her sanity in Servant Season 3, Episode 4. She will become more paranoid and prevent herself from being around strangers. However, her fears certainly take over as things move forward. Furthermore, the Turners will encounter some bad luck as they continue to get themselves into more trouble. So keep reading to learn all the updates on the fourth installment.

Servant Season 3 Episode 4 Preview: What Will Happen?

The fourth episode of Servant Season 3 is titled “Ring”. Leanne will continue to get paranoid and upset about other people because she finds it hard to trust anyone. Sean will try to take care of her through the fear of the church that causes Leanne to slowly lose her mind.

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Things will continue to go downhill between Julian and Dorothy as he continues to search for the truth about Jericho’s return. Julian was the one who found Jericho dead. He finds it hard to believe that Jericho is still alive. In addition, he still feels that Jericho’s mother is Leanne. Furthermore, the Turners would be hit by a series of unfortunate incidents. We’ll get a clearer picture of the mystery in the upcoming episode.

A short summary

The third episode of Servant Season 3 is titled “Hair”. In a flashback, Julian found baby Jericho dead in the crib while eventually vomiting. He wept loudly with fear and grief as he tried to bring his catatonic sister back to life. In the present, Julian and Leanne decide to prove that Jericho is actually Leanne’s baby. Dorothy went to work covering a news story while Sean took Leanne to the park. However, Leanne became paranoid after a homeless person asked Sean for change. She requested to leave the park and go home immediately. Dorothy returned home in the evening and put Jericho to bed. Leanne wasn’t too happy about it, though.

The next day, Julian convinced Roscoe to call his friend for a favor. Roscoe’s friend arranged a DNA test for Leanne, Dorothy and Jericho to find the child’s mother. Plus, Sean brought food to the homeless who walked past him again. However, they seemed a little off-putting to Sean. Roscoe told Julian he had thirty minutes to bring in the hair samples. So he rushed to the nursery and pulled on Jericho’s hair. Julian also managed to get Leanne’s hair as she caught him looking under her bed.

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Furthermore, in Servant Season 3 Episode 3, he found Dorothy’s hair on her brush. Roscoe arrived and Julian handed him the hair samples while Leanne looked at them. The homeless woman knocked on Sean’s door to let her use his bathroom. He agreed, but Dorothy screamed when she saw the woman in the house. The incident gave Dorothy the idea to make a story about homeless people. However, the story changed more into how Sean was doing well in the community by helping the homeless.

The DNA report comes in

The family was watching the story when the DNA report came. Julian told Dorothy that Jericho was not her biological son. Dorothy didn’t believe him though and thought Julian was starting to use again. Shortly after, the blond mother from the mom-and-me group party came over to pick up her nappy nag that she’d forgotten. She also saw her hairbrush on the kitchen table and took it with her.

Unfortunately, it was the same brush that Julian took hair from, thinking it belonged to Dorothy. She told Julian not to do such a thing again. Leanne saw the homeless staring at her from outside. She believed they were from the Church of Lesser Saints in Servant Season 3 Episode 3.

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Servant Season 3 Episode 4: Air Date

Apple TV+ will release Servant Season 3 Episode 4 on February 10, 2022. The network will drop a new episode weekly on Fridays at noon ET. And each episode of the current season will have a total of ten episodes. So don’t miss the fourth episode and keep coming back for more exciting episode previews, only on


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