LG writes to Arvind Kejriwal to get media attention: AAP on Chhath Puja note

The LG’s action is triggered by its “desperation to do whatever it takes to get into the papers,” claimed AAP MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj.

Pankaj Jain

New Delhi,UPDATED: 29 Oct 2022 01:57 IST

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LG VK Saxena Suffers From Compulsive Publicity Disorder, Alleged AAP MLA Saurabh_Bhardwaj (File)

By Pankaj Jain: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) hit back at the Delhi LG, alleging violation of the functioning of the elected government. AAP’s spokesman and MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj condemned Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena for disrespecting the office of the Prime Minister and for humiliating the dignity of the Raj Niwas by writing meaningless letters to the CM every day.

Saurabh Bhardwaj joked about the LG, saying: “Delhi LG suffers from ‘compulsive publicity disorder’ and writes love letters to Arvind Kejriwal to get media attention. He wrote a last minute letter for Chhath Puja so that his news and photo will be published in the newspapers. Since the formation of the Kejriwal government in Delhi, the Chhath program has been organized on a very large scale. Despite this, the LG has written a letter about it. The way he disrespects his prime minister through these love letters detracts from the dignity of the LG office.”

“The festival of Chhath is coming in two days and preparations for it have already started. Today VK Saxena wrote another ‘love letter’ to Arvind Kejriwal, and this letter is meaningless. I read the letter several times to try and understand what the LG was trying to say but failed,” Bhardwaj claimed.

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“He has just dictated some very general facts in his letter and these are things that the Delhi government has always done during the holiday season. Kejriwal has been in power in the city for eight years now and every year we have organized elaborate festivities for Chhath, with thousands going to countless ghats in the city. Chhath has never celebrated so much fanfare before this government came to power,” added Saurabh Bharadwaj.

Bhardwaj accused the LG of trying to get the attention of the media with his notes, saying, “Even before the letter reached the CM, it was circulated to the media. What exactly is the purpose of this exercise? There is a word that is used informally for people who indulge in such behavior. We call it ‘Chapaas’, which means ‘Chhapne ki Aas’ or ‘Compulsive Publicity Disorder’.”

The LG’s move is fueled by its “desperation to do whatever it takes to get into the papers,” the AAP leader claimed. “He only writes letters to AAP to stay relevant in the news and it is unfortunate that such a person has become the lieutenant governor of Delhi.”

The LG asked the prime minister in his letter to “ensure there is no overcrowding in the ghats”. “I mean, these are things that are done automatically and you don’t have to write a letter to point it out,” Bhardwaj said.

Chhath Puja is celebrated all over the country on Sundays.

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