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Liz asks Shivani for help in ‘Kiss From A Rose’! Know what the future holds

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The previous episode of Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 was a complete rollercoaster ride. Meanwhile, from what we know about the upcoming Rosewell New Mexico Season 4 Episode 6, fans have high hopes for the episode as we’ll see Liz head to Shivani for help. At the same time, Kyle and Isobel will also face consequences for their actions.

What to Expect From Roswell New Mexico Season 4 Episode 6?

The upcoming sixth episode of Roswell Season 4 is titled ‘Kiss From A Rose’. If you’re wondering what to expect from the episode. Luckily we have something. The network has shared the synopsis for Rosewell New Mexico Season 4 Episode 6.

The summary reads: “Powerless Liz turns to Shivani for help finding scientific answers, while Bonnie looks to Max for protection. Meanwhile, Kyle and Isobel deal with the consequences of their actions. The series also stars Michael Vlamis, Tyler Blackburn , Heather Hemmens and Amber Midthunder.The synopsis betrays that episode six will take viewers on a rollercoaster ride as the protagonists struggle to live and find answers, while also dealing with the consequences of their past actions.

What happened in the last episode?

In the previous episode, when Max came home in the morning, the PodSquad gathered, including Cam, recovering from Tezca’s knockout. They learned about Max’s meeting with Tezca and how she scared him by setting Jones’ body on fire.

Roswell New Mexico Season 4 Episode 6

He had no idea what was going on or the plans of the new triad. But after healing Tezca and thinking she was Cam, he connected with her through his handprint. While Liz wanted to end the relationship, Max assured her that Tezca had no intention of killing him. Max and Michael will search for Eduardo, and Liz will focus on extracting the alien DNA from Cam’s system.

Kyle was stopped abruptly by Isobel before cutting Tezca’s pod as we followed him into Mexico. Kyle reveals that Tezca would like to sample some of his family’s tequila while he works on her pod. After they finished work on the capsule, Kyle asked why Isobel was there. Isobel admitted she was doing her best to be honest, but Anatsa refused to listen.

Roswell New Mexico Season 4 Episode 6: Release Date & Where To Watch

Roswell New Mexico Season 4 Episode 6

Fans have been waiting for the new episode of the fourth season of Roswell New Mexico since the previous episode premiered on July 4, 2022. Fortunately, the day of the premiere is here! Rosewell New Mexico Season 4 Episode 6 will premiere on July 18, 2022. Fans can watch the episode airing on The CW at 9 p.m. EST.

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