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Looking for the best dirt bike boots? Consult this Buying Guide

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When it comes to providing optimal protection during motocross riding, motocross boots are considered of the utmost importance. In some cases, your boots even outdo other safety accessories, except your helmet. Boots protect your feet and ankles from unwanted injuries such as sprains, cuts, bleeding or any major or minor fracture and crash.

According to a current study, nearly 40 percent of dirt bike injuries involve fractures or internal trauma, and more than 60 percent of these injuries involve limbs such as legs, feet and arms. You can’t ride motocross with regular shoes. You should invest in good quality boots for a smooth ride while maintaining your safety.

If you haven’t already invested in good quality motocross boots, now is the time to do so. Here are the essential features to look for while shopping for them.

Molded soles or stitched soles – which one to choose?

Molded-soled motocross boots have become an emerging trend. They are lighter and easy to move. The stitched type of molded soles is more durable than the others.

Check the buckle system

Motocross boots with a well designed buckle, good snap closure and design work well for many riders. An adjustable buckle system memory setting helps you set it up once, so you don’t have to readjust it over and over. Alloy buckles are a good choice. However, be prepared to pay a higher price if you prefer.

On the other hand, if you buy plastic buckles, make sure they are replaceable if you break one.

Buy boots with lateral ankle protection

Lateral ankle protection is where you find the difference between an entry-level model and a high-end product. Hold the boots firmly and try to bend them sideways at the ankle, as if you were rolling your ankle on uneven ground. The harder it is to bend the boot at the ankle, the better the boot will support, helping you avoid serious ankle injuries and fractures.

Choose a Slim Toe Box

It is not recommended to buy boots with bigger and bigger toe areas, as it will be difficult to slide them under the gear lever. You may have to adjust the shifter on the spline repeatedly to match your new boots. That is why we recommend that you opt for a slim toe box.

Consider a full leather upper

When it comes to the material of the boots, leather offers the best protection for the upper. The inner or medial side is generally provided with a heat shield to protect against the hot engine. The advantage of buying such boots is that they give you a better grip on your bike.

Check for thermoplastic polyurethane protective panels

Thermoplastic polyurethane protective panels or TPU panels are located in the high impact areas of the boots, such as your ankles, shins and back of the calves. They also have deflector panels on each side of the lower buckle to protect it from impact. Check both features to get maximum protection while wearing your boots.

Look for ankle padding on the inside

When you buy your boots for the first time, pay attention to enough padding, especially in the ankle area. Another feature to check when examining the boots’ padding is whether it has a moisture-wicking and anti-microbial fabric. Many manufacturers use an air mesh liner to cool the product. Motocross boots with a replaceable insole are also a nice feature.

Other features to check out

In addition to the features mentioned above, there are other elements to look for when shopping for your motocross boots, such as flexible accordion panels and an elastic sleeve.

To take off

You will enjoy all the above features if you buy your Motocross Boots from a reputable brand. Start shopping now for the best motocross boots.


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