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Lost Ark Alakkir Island Guide

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lost bow, which was initially released in 2019, is a 2.5D action role-playing game that can be played on Microsoft Windows and GeForce. You can also get it for free on Steam for Windows. Tripod Studio developed this game with multiple publishers such as My.com, Smilegate and Amazon Game Studios.

Lost Ark Alakkir Island Guide

Alakkir Island appears regularly throughout the game and a regular player can easily find it. The island is huge, with many locations that you must visit to complete the quests. While visiting these locations, many items can be collected and used. Following are the critical sites to visit in Alakkir Island:

Finding Alakkir Island Location

It can be found several times on the left side of the continent of Arthetine. Since there is no other way to get to it, players have to wait for it to appear on the map. After it appears on the map, press “G” to get to it.

Alakkir Island Boss Fight

This island’s boss fight is “Terrifying Chicks”, which leads to a fight with three giant chickens. After defeating these chickens, their feathers can be collected to exchange them for other valuable items. To start this fight, click on the exclamation mark (!) on the map, where you will meet a Non-Player Character (NPC) named Shandars. This interaction will automatically start the conquest.

First you are attacked by two chickens, black and white in color. They will attack you with their beaks, and the only way to get rid of them is to kill them. After you kill them, collect their feathers. After them, the third Golden Chicken will appear stronger than the others and harder to kill due to its high health stats. Find eggs on the island after killing them to get a bigger reward. The main rewards of this boss fight are Alaker Egg, Secret Map (Adventure: Moonkeep), Chicken Gold Feather, Splendid Gold Feather, and Exquisite Feather.

Location of Mokoko Seed

Mokoko seeds are the game currency which makes them very important. This currency is used to buy items that are rare and special. Follow the map route to the Mokoko seed on Alakkir Island. It will lead you to a wrecked ship, where the seed can be found on the left side of the ship.

Una’s job

On the island of Alakkir, Una’s job is “I can’t sit on my hands.” This task has three levels and all missions of one level must be completed to get to the other. After completing this task, it rewards the player with 10 points. The three levels of Una’s job are:

  1. 30/30: Silver 5,000
  2. 40/40: Silver 6,000
  3. 80/80: Silver 14,000

Token Quest

Island Hearts is a sign of the island of Alakkir; special items can be received by exchanging this token with Opher. These quest rewards are ten thousand silver and three pouches of rare battle carving recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about Lost Arc Alakkir Island:

Q1: How many times does Alakkir Island appear in a day?

Ans: Alakkir Island appears regularly during each day and night cycle. To find Alakkir Island, a player must occasionally look at the map.

Question 2: Where is Alakkir Island located on the map?

Ans: The island of Alakkir appears on the left side of the Arthetine continent; once it appears on the map, press G to get to the island.

Question 3: How many levels are there for Una’s task?

Ans: Una’s task has three levels and tasks of one level must be completed to start the next one.

Question 4: How do you get rewards for killing the Terrifying Chicks?

Ans: After collecting their feathers, exchange them for the rewards at the island seller. Aside from the five main rewards, an island token is also received from this boss battle.


Lost Arc Alakkir Island is an entertaining game with a beautiful storyline and many fun missions to cover.

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