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Lost break – Wiki of the famous Youtuber

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Who is Lost Pause?

Lost Pause is a famous YouTube personality, who gained fame by uploading funny gameplay videos about anime themed video games like Sakura, Princess Evangile and others. Since the beginning of his career, he has reached a following of more than 1.3 million subscribers, which has made him an international star among the young audience.

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Lost Break Wiki – Real Name, Age, Youth

Lost Pause was born Jonathan Gibbs on March 29, 1988 in California, USA. He has been very secretive about his childhood and life in general before his career; we know he has a brother but his name and age are unknown. His educational background is also a mystery.

Posted by Lost break On Thursday 2 July 2015

Lost career break

He started his YouTube channel in December 2013, but did not upload his first video was about the popular video game “Hearthstone”, titled “Noble Sh!T: Man Mode Hearthstone”, five years ago, which now has just over 35,000 views. He continued to upload videos under the name Noble and started playing various video games. Gradually, his popularity increased and he started playing more games, but as his videos got more views, he focused on some that are more popular than the others; initially these were the “Sakura” series, “Princess Evangile”, but it then expanded to others.

After almost two years, he reached his first 100,000 on his official channel, which encouraged him to start a Twitch channel and make his first live stream, the 33rd episode of Princess Evangile. The number kept increasing as he uploaded more videos, reaching his 1000th on December 3, 2015, reaching 500,000 subscribers on February 12, 2016.

Rise to fame

With the increase in subscribers, Lost Pause started playing other popular games such as Pyrite Heart, and also went to Anime Expos and Comic Cons.

Lost Break

This contributed significantly to his career, and he quickly reached a million subscribers and his videos were watched exponentially. As of early 2020, his videos have over 420 million views – some of his most popular being “This is too much – Logan Paul Dead Body in Suicide Forest Reply” and then “Playing an Actual VR Sword Art Online Game – VRChat”, both with over 1.5 million views, the “The Cutest Things In Anime Challenge!”, with over a million, and countless other videos with impressive numbers.

Second YouTube channel

At the peak of its popularity, Lost Pause started another YouTube channel, LostPause 2, which now has approximately 210,000 subscribers, and videos on this channel have been viewed more than 5.5 million times. He has used the second channel as a backup, although he has some videos that he didn’t upload on his original channel. The most popular videos on this channel are “The Best Way to Trip – Noble Reacts to Anime Vines and Cracks” and “Let’s Laugh At Myself – Noble Reacts to Noble Vines” with 500,000 views each, featuring “Super Difficult Anime Age Guessing Game ( Fail Harder Edition) not far behind, which also contributed to Lost Pause’s ability.

Controversy, the YouTube ban

Like many YouTubers, Lost has faced several issues with the YouTube community; in March 2016, his channel was terminated by YouTube for a violation of its Community Guidelines. According to sources, he was banned for violating the YouTube community policy on nudity and sexual content. Nevertheless, his channel was reinstated after four days and all videos have been brought back except for the one video that got him banned. Since then, Lost has become even more popular, as fans and YouTubers have been on his side.

Lost Pause Net Worth, Height, Weight, Appearance

His huge popularity on YouTube has contributed to his wealth and according to sources, Lost Pause has a net worth of over $1 million in early 2020. He reportedly earns more than $350,000 a year from YouTube, which will further increase his wealth. He also benefits from his Twitch channel, which earns him $3 per subscriber.

Lost Pause is 1.73 m tall while his weight and his vital statistics are unknown but he has a slim figure. He has blond hair, although he sometimes dyes part of his hair red, and his eyes are hazel.

Lost Break Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend

Being online and talking to his fans every day, Lost Pause has revealed a few interesting details from his life; From November 2016 to March 2017, he was in a relationship with YouTube star Ruiriupanda, who is also known for her anime game-related content on YouTube. After their breakup, Lost Pause began a romance with Ashley Wolff, aka: The Wizard’s Journey on Youtube. On October 22, 2018, he introduced his girlfriend to the world.

Trivia, facts, news

  • In addition to its gameplay videos, Lost Pause has also featured videos related to various challenges, such as “Try Not To Laugh”.
  • He has revealed that his mother tried to commit suicide and that the entire family was in financial trouble. He tried to improve his family’s financial situation with YouTube, and not only did he do that, he made himself a millionaire.
  • His latest video is “WEEBS SEE EVERYTHING AS ANIME GIRLS – Lost Pause Reddit”, and he already has over 115,000 views.

Since gaining world fame, Lost Pause has attended various events related to anime and video games; in July 2016, he was featured at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles, then in August he was in Canada, where he attended the convention in Otakuthon, and was also in Japan for the Anime Man tour, who was his good friend. His most recent public appearance was at Anime Expo along with his then-girlfriend Ruiruipanda in 2017.


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