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Love Tyrant Season 2 Release Date, Renewal or Cancelled?

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Love Tyrant is a Japanese Comedy anime series based on the manga series of the same name written by Megane Mihoshi.

The series revolves around a high school student named Seiji Aino who gets stuck in a polyamorous relationship with four girls: the bothersome angel cupid Guri, the aggressively obsessive Akane Hiyama, the shy but defensive Yuzu Kichougasaki, and the sadistic psychopath Shikimi Shiramine.

Seiji is given the task of making Guri learn how to appropriately use her Kiss Note, which magically brings couples together, and makes her understand everything about true love. The series premiered on April 6, 2017, on TV Tokyo, BS Japan, and other channels and ended on June 22, 2017, with a total of twelve episodes.

All the anime fans loved the first season of the anime series and have an IMDB rating of 6.3 out of 10 it’s been more than four since the premiere of the last episode of season one and all the series’ fans are restless to know about the renewal of the series for its second season. So, here’s what we know so far about the renewal of the series for its another season.

Is Love Tyrant Renewed for Season 2?

Megane Mihoshi’s harem comedy manga series is covered in the fourteen-volume manga.

Season 1 of Love Tyrant was produced by EMT2. Even though the series gained much love from audiences, no words have been uttered yet by EMT2 regarding the renewal of the series. After the first episode, there was no more communication with the audience.

The official confirmation about the second season of the show it’s still awaited from the network as well as its creators. 

Love Tyrant Season 2: Do Creators Have Enough Source Material?

The author serialized the manga series between 2012 and 2019 and later, the series was listed into 14 tankobon volumes after its release. In season one, just half of these chapters were covered, and therefore, there is still sufficient material available to renew the series for a second season.

Although, if the series gets renewed then it would be the last season.

Since it’s been a long time since the release of season one, the demand for the second season has decreased remarkably. Consequently, it looks uncertain that we will ever get a second season of Love Tyrant.

However, these are only assumptions and there are no words yet from its creators,

What Would Be the Plot of Love Tyrant Season 2?

The second season of the series will most probably be picked up from where it left in season one. 

In the first season, an angel named Guri serves as a type of cupid. Because of this, her work demands turning up with potential partners. As she has a strong note termed Kiss Note, she is capable of doing so. When they kiss, they immediately fall in love with the names penned in the notebook.

As a cupid, Guri pens Seiji Aino’s name on a piece of paper. Except if Aino kisses her couple in the ‘Kiss Note,’ Akane Hiyama, Guri will be dead. Akane is also a lot infatuated with Seiji. Due to Hiyama’s weird and obsessive relationship with Aino, she was popular in the school.

Guri confessed her feelings for Seiji before the reunion of the two couples. Aino was up against a wall as he wanted regular romantic link-ups with women.

When Guri convinces Shikimi that she would add to the harem as long as she changes her ways, Shikimi agrees to her offer. Akane and the remainder of the school day are enraged because of this. The four females that makeup Aino’s class all go to the same school.

With so many mysteries remaining unanswered, this episode’s ending was thrilling. On their reach to school, what transpired? The second season of Love tyrant has many surprises in store for us.

Now the main matter is whether or not the series will be renewed and for this, we will have to wait until the official announcement.

Love tyrant’s season 2 is much awaited by a lot of fans. 

Is There a Release Date for Love Tyrant Season 2?

Since the renewal isn’t even confirmed as of now, we cannot expect the second season to release anytime soon.

Final Words

Ultimately, we know that everyone out there who is an anime lover must be waiting a long time for the second season of Love Tyrant and we hope soon there will be an official announcement also. We are sure if the series gets renewed it would be captivating, stay tuned to get all the latest information on the subject.


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