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Luca & Gemma talk about their future with Adam & Paige!

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In Love Island Season 8 Episode 40, things started to get exciting once the guys revealed who they wanted to stay in the villa with. Somone was disappointed after the loss of their partner, while others were delighted to reunite with their lost connection. Everything got messed up when they received a text message for the elimination round. Now it remains to be seen who would survive and who will leave the villa. But this time, the decision was not in the hands of the islanders. Keep reading to know more.

Love Island Season 8 Episode 40: What Happened Last Night?

Earlier in Love Island Season 8 Episode 40, the islanders were texted for a rematch round. The reconnection started with Adam. Soon everyone gathered at the fire pit. Within three days, Adam found a solid bond with one of the girls, believing her to be female material. The girl was none other than Paige.

Later, Luca decided to stay with Gemma and wanted to see their future together. Andrew came back to Tasha and wanted to get stronger with her. Then Dami came back to Indiyah feeling his heart pound when he was near her and believed they could stay together longer. Davide stayed with Ekin-Su, while Billy decided to get to know Danica better. Josh singled out Summer and Deji and Coco were left alone to mate.

Love Island Season 8 Episode 40

Shortly after the reconnection round, Adam took Paige out for a chat, and they talked about Adam’s feelings for Paige. She giggled when she heard how much he loved her. Meanwhile, Indiyah appreciated Dami’s speech. She seemed happy that they were inflamed again. As for Danica and Billy, they talked about the good vibes they got from each other. They were glad they had united. On the one hand, Josh and Summer shared a passionate kiss, and he was excited to learn more about his partner. On the other hand, Davide and Ekin-Su were happy that they were making progress.

With Tasha, she believed that she and Andrew were meant for each other. They had been through a terrible time together, and now they were finally back and celebrating with a kiss. But things got more romantic when Luca uttered the L-word, leaving Gemma speechless. They both seemed excited to meet their parents and live a happy life together. The next day, Adam and Paige were gushing over their time in bed. Gemma revealed that Luca had proposed to her, and everyone was happy for her.

Love Island Season 8 Episode 40

Later that day, Dami received a text message and everyone was excited about a challenging game. But unfortunately the girls lose the game. Later that night, the elimination round began with Summer, Coco, and Tasha getting the fewest votes from the girls, while Deji, Josh, and Andrew got the fewest votes from the boys. All vulnerable islanders were called to stand in front of the fire pit. Now a boy and a girl will leave the villa, and the decision will be in the public hands.

Now it remains unclear who will leave the villa. But it looks like Coco and Deji will be the most unlucky couple. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 keeps you informed.

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