Lucid Connected Home charging station has more power than Tesla’s wall charger

Electric car manufacturer Lucid just announced its first set of accessories, which include a home charging station that can support up to 19.2 kW of electrical power, which equates to a range of approximately 80 miles per hour of charging. The Lucid Connected Home Charging Station costs $1,200, and her website says shipments will begin on November 30, but the company says it expects a “limited quantity” to be available through 2023.

It has a 24-foot cable, comes with Wi-Fi enabled for future updates, and is “hardware ready” for bi-directional power delivery for “customers looking to integrate their vehicle into the company’s future energy ecosystem.” According to Emma Lattanzio, a PR contact for Lucid, “Bi-directional charging features for the Lucid Home Charger and Lucid Air will be enabled via OTA in the future.”

Lucid says the home station will effectively double the rate at which the Lucid Air can be charged compared to the charging cable that comes with the EV. It’s still AC, so it’s not Tesla Supercharger speeds, but it’s faster than some home EV chargers, including the $400 Third Generation Charger Tesla Currently Offers to Customers. Tesla’s older second generation charger had an output of 19.2 kW, the maximum support for a Level 2 charger, but is no longer available and the current unit peaks at 11.5 kW.

Ford offers similar features such as bi-directional three-phase power and 19.2 kW of power with the Charging station Pro it offers to F-150 Lightning owners, which costs $1,310.

Lucid Air Cargo Capsule roof-mounted storage shown atop a sedan in a rendered image.

Lucid Air Cargo capsule.
Image: Lucid Group

Another new entry from Lucid is the Air Cargo Capsule, an aerodynamically designed roof box that matches the sedan’s drag-reducing design. The Cargo Capsule adds 11.47 cubic feet of cargo space without requiring Lucid Air owners to fold down the rear seats. The Air Freight Capsule comes in a single finish, a split matte/gloss black made from ABS, and will retail for $2,000.

For adventurous people, the new Lucid Air Crossbars are available for $500 and can accommodate up to 165 pounds in tax. Compatible with various Yakima mounts for bicycles, surfboards and kayaks, you can load the Lucid Air with a decent range of outdoor sports gear. Lucid also announced a range of weatherproof mats for the EV . interior for $250 that come in two colors: graphite and black.

These Lucid accessories are available to order now, with the Cargo Capsule in early 2023 and limited availability for the Connected Home charging station until 2023. All other accessories are expected in Q4 2022.

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