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Lustron’s steel house was supposed to be the future of housing

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Why aren’t houses made of steel? In the late 1940s, a company asked that question. Lustron made prefab homes that were supposed to be the future of living. So why did it fail?

Just a few years — from 1947 to 1950 — the Columbus, Ohio-based Lustron represented the future of housing. Using a steel frame and porcelain-enamelled steel panels, Lustron houses in a factory and shipped them across the country

Phil Edwards of cafemadrid visited a Lustron house just outside Dayton, Ohio, to experience its unusual features, such as magnetic walls, for yourself. The idiosyncrasies of this house could not be traced back to the materials. Through a combination of government funding sources, an effort to reinvent the home production cycle, and a unique distribution plan, Lustron’s home helps explain how housing does — and doesn’t — work in America.

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